Prophets And Prophesying - Zac Poonen

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Prophets And Prophesying 01) The Truth About Prophecy : a) Introduction To Prophecy - Zac Poonen 02) The Truth About Prophecy : b) Prophecy In The Old Testament - Zac Poonen 03) The Truth About Prophecy : c) Prophecy In The New Testament - Zac Poonen 04) The Truth About Prophecy : d) Clarifications About Prophecy - Zac Poonen 05) Minor Prophets : a) Jonah's Message For Us Today - Zac Poonen 06) Minor Prophets : b) Habakkuk's Message For Us Today - Zac Poonen 07) Minor Prophets : c) Malachi's Message For Us Today - Zac Poonen 08) False Prophets And The Broad Way - Zac Poonen 09) The Goal Of All Preaching - Zac Poonen 10) God's Ultimate Goal For Us - Zac Poonen



(5 stars)

This series has so much depth, and has challenged me as a follower of Christ to better my study time so I can be ready when Christ calls.