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While Mary Shelley will most likely always be known for her enduring classic of mad science Frankenstein, this collection intends to show the sheer breath and quality of her writing beyond the creation for which she is most known. Many of these stories are told in an atmospheric gothic fiction vein, full of eerie old castles, strange revelations and family secrets. But we also have stories of the supernatural and even science fiction to contend with. Shelley was a true literary master and should be recognized for her contributions to literature beyond her most famous work. - Summary by Ben Tucker (13 hr 47 min)


Introduction 13:03 Read by Ben Tucker
The Sisters of Albano 39:36 Read by Karen Hunt
Ferdinando Eboli 46:19 Read by Michael Broomhill
The Evil Eye 53:10 Read by Allie Rose
The Dream 42:21 Read by Mike Davis
The Mourner 53:51 Read by Michele Fry
The False Rhyme 9:15 Read by Alan Mapstone
A Tale of the Passions, or, the Death of Despina Part 1 32:55 Read by Christine Rottger
A Tale of the Passions, or, the Death of Despina Part 2 53:53 Read by Christine Rottger
The Mortal Immortal 33:50 Read by Ben Tucker
Transformation 45:13 Read by cathar maiden
The Swiss Peasant 39:53 Read by Inkell
The Invisible Girl 33:33 Read by lbleath
The Brother and Sister Part 1 31:52 Read by Claudia Caldi
The Brother and Sister Part 2 37:54 Read by Claudia Caldi
The Parvenue 25:26 Read by Winnifred Assmann
The Pole Part 1 36:56 Read by Penelope Presents
The Pole Part 2 49:05 Read by tjfria
Euphrasia 34:34 Read by catofalltrades
The Elder Son Part 1 20:18 Read by CadenB
The Elder Son Part 2 41:17 Read by Andrea Dace
The Pilgrims 53:23 Read by Ben Tucker