Representative Men (Version 2)

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Seven Essays: his reasoning why and how great men have always been honored and necessary in our civilization, followed by six chapters dealing with, in order: Plato, Swedenborg, Montaigne, Shakspeare (sic), Napoleon and Goethe.

Emerson was an old fashioned "Man of Letters". He was the head of the mid-19th century School of Transcendentalism. Poetry, essay and book on Philosophy, human rights and religious and social rights. - Summary by William Jones (7 hr 18 min)


Uses of Great Men P.1 24:57 Read by KevinS
Uses of Great Men P.2 22:20 Read by KevinS
Plato P.1 39:56 Read by William Allan Jones
Plato P.2 43:09 Read by William Allan Jones
Swedenborg P.1 35:42 Read by Owlivia
Swedenborg P.2 50:02 Read by Owlivia
Montaigne P.1 30:12 Read by Michele Eaton
Montaigne P.2 31:10 Read by Michele Eaton
Shakespeare P.1 24:53 Read by FloraMetrick
Shakespeare P.2 23:14 Read by FloraMetrick
Napoleon P.1 31:44 Read by Rita Boutros
Napoleon P.2 29:59 Read by Rita Boutros
Goethe P.1 25:51 Read by William Allan Jones
Goethe P.2 25:04 Read by William Allan Jones