Billie Bradley and Her Inheritance

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(4.2 stars; 27 reviews)

Billie Bradley fell heir to an old homestead that was unoccupied and located far away in a lonely section of the country. How Billie went there, accompanied by some of her chums, and what queer things happened, go to make up a story no girl will want to miss. (From an original advertisement)

This is the first book in the "Billie Bradley" series, a mystery series for girls. (4 hr 39 min)


An Accident 9:11 Read by Glendav7
That Hundred Dollars 10:31 Read by czandra
Chet Helps 10:11 Read by JAVaat
The Last Hope 12:11 Read by Nancy Gorgen
Worse and Worse 9:28 Read by Nancy Gorgen
Debbie Deserts 11:05 Read by Nancy Gorgen
A Strange Burglar 8:58 Read by Nancy Gorgen
Startling Developments 9:44 Read by Glendav7
Ghosts and Things 13:09 Read by SoniaKallen
Old Furniture 10:34 Read by Glendav7
Billie Wins Out 11:28 Read by JAVaat
Great Plans 11:03 Read by Nancy Gorgen
Cherry Corners 12:15 Read by Nancy Gorgen
Weird Tales 11:01 Read by Nancy Gorgen
A Noise in the Dark 12:15 Read by Nancy Gorgen
Shadows and Mystery 11:45 Read by Shoshannah Lewis
Only a Bat 13:13 Read by BookBard
A Fish Story 13:35 Read by BookBard
In the Dead of the Night 13:49 Read by BookBard
The Motor Again 9:10 Read by Traceyann
Both at Once 11:04 Read by JAVaat
A Thrilling Discovery 10:32 Read by JAVaat
The Wrecked Aeroplane 10:59 Read by Nancy Gorgen
Coins and Postage Stamps 10:02 Read by Nancy Gorgen
"Large Fortunes" 11:54 Read by Nancy Gorgen



(4 stars)

The readers did a good recitation, but the writing was stiffer than the usual flow in this style of book. I enjoyed the book and will look for the second in the series. Thanks to the readers and to LV.

enjoyed the story...

(3.5 stars)

an interesting story and good readers, a little different style from the other books..... 12-year-old.

(4.5 stars)

really fun story for girls. please read more Billie Bradley stories!