Little Journeys to the Homes of English Authors

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Elbert Hubbard describes the homes of authors, poets, social reformers and other prestigious people, reflecting on how their surroundings may have influenced them. These short essays are part biography and part pontification of Hubbard's opinion of the subject and their oeuvre. In this volume he reflects on the lives of English authors, among them William Morris, Alfred Tennyson, John Milton, Samuel Coleridge, Lord Byron, and Benjamin Disraeli. (Summary by Lucy Perry, adapted by Ava) This is Volume 5 in a series of 14 books. (8 hr 11 min)


William Morris, Part 1 20:54 Read by jenno
William Morris, Part 2 22:40 Read by jenno
Robert Browning, Part 1 24:17 Read by acousticwave
Robert Browning, Part 2 23:42 Read by acousticwave
Alfred Tennyson 25:26 Read by elmachina
Robert Burns 41:50 Read by Isaac Barrow
John Milton 43:33 Read by Kerry Adams
Samuel Johnson, Part 1 19:41 Read by Ciufi Galeazzi
Samuel Johnson, Part 2 20:07 Read by Ciufi Galeazzi
Thomas B. Macaulay 39:15 Read by Keren Smithies
Lord Byron, Part 1 24:11 Read by KevinS
Lord Byron, Part 2 22:03 Read by KevinS
Joseph Addison, Part 1 22:38 Read by jenno
Joseph Addison, Part 2 23:12 Read by jenno
Robert Southey 25:22 Read by JCzekaj
Samuel T. Coleridge, Part 1 22:52 Read by jenno
Samuel T. Coleridge, Part 2 22:23 Read by jenno
Benjamin Disraeli, Part 1 25:07 Read by jenno
Benjamin Disraeli, Part 2 22:39 Read by jenno