Happiness: Essays on the Meaning of Life

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A series of essays based on Christian doctrines on how to attain true happiness. - Summary by Lynne T (3 hr 23 min)


Preface and Note 11:13 Read by Kerry Adams
The Art of Work 26:32 Read by Jaime Kurzweg
How to Fight the Battles of Life 23:49 Read by James Escareno
Good Habits 18:31 Read by ToKiMi
The Children of this World are Wiser than the Children of Light 13:17 Read by Maria Thompson
The Art of Having Time 32:17 Read by AnthonySmitha
Happiness 39:26 Read by James Escareno
The Meaning of Life 35:44 Read by Owlivia
Note 3:00 Read by VO Gal