The Heart of the Ancient Wood

Read by czandra

(4.2 stars; 12 reviews)

A woman and her daughter take refuge in a cabin deep in the Canadian forest. This is a tale of survival from the land, friendship and love. - Summary by Czandra (4 hr 54 min)


Watchers of the Trail 21:32 Read by czandra
Cabin in the Clearing 13:23 Read by czandra
Exiles from the Settlement 17:54 Read by czandra
Miranda and the Furtive Folk 19:58 Read by czandra
Kroof the She-bear 13:22 Read by czandra
Initiation of Miranda 13:03 Read by czandra
The Intimates 19:28 Read by czandra
Axe and Antler 14:30 Read by czandra
Pax Mirandae 11:58 Read by czandra
Routing of the Philistines 11:58 Read by czandra
Miranda and Young Dave 18:30 Read by czandra
Young Dave at the Clearing 11:05 Read by czandra
Milking Time 14:04 Read by czandra
Moonlight and Moosecall 16:11 Read by czandra
A Venison Steak 23:11 Read by czandra
Death for a Little Life 21:00 Read by czandra
In the Roar of the Rapids 17:35 Read by czandra
The Forfeit of the Alien 16:06 Read by czandra


[spoilers ahead]

(4 stars)

First, narrator Czandra does a terrific job. Second, I enjoyed this book tremendously, until the last chapter. A cabin in the woods is my 'happy place' and the more wildlife, the better. But! As soon as the romance begins, Miranda loses all power of rational thought or behavior. I don't know if the author was desperate for his version of a happy ending, but it ended badly for everyone except the young man.


(5 stars)

I loved this story. Of course it's quite fantastic. How could anyone keep chickens and cows with so many large predators about? However, the tension between man and beast was very well distributed throughout the book. And Proof lived up to her name ❤️‍🩹