Tanka: Poems in Exile

Read by czandra

(3.8 stars; 4 reviews)

Jun Fujita's tanka are timeless, still, sad. Written in English, one wonders whether the recurring deserts are in Japan, in America, or in the poet's state of mind: that of a scarecrow flapping in wind. The form is as loose and haunting as modern English-language tanka. - Summary by czandra (0 hr 14 min)


Winter 2:17 Read by czandra
Spring 1:49 Read by czandra
Summer 2:01 Read by czandra
Autumn 2:18 Read by czandra
Others part 1 1:53 Read by czandra
Others part 2 2:36 Read by czandra
Others part 3 1:11 Read by czandra


just beautiful

(5 stars)

Exceptionally interpreted by Narrator - who also has a soothing voice. This somehow makes the melancholia more bearable, so one can delight in the genius of each cleverly chosen word. I hear and see it all. Incredibile!

Accurate as far as I know.

(2.5 stars)

Was a decent text, I did enjoy it. Though it requires several more readings for me to intake and comprehend the full meaning and to really appreciate. Thank you to the orator.

An entrancing delivery

(5 stars)

Achingly sublime poetry and a haunting performance of a reading. Outstanding. Thank you for this.