Scientific American Supplement, No. 492, June 6, 1885

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The Scientific American may be the oldest continuously published periodical in the United States, havinge launched its first publication in 1845. It has been a mainstay of popular science with in depth articles across a broad spectrum of scientific fields. In this supplement are short articles ranging through such topics as Pumping Machinery, The Distillation of Sea Water, Winter and the Insects, Silk Worm Eggs, and The Casino at Monte Carlo. - Summary by Larry Wilson (4 hr 29 min)


New Spanish Artillery 1:48 Read by Larry Wilson
Qualitative Tests for Steel Rails 4:56 Read by ToddHW
A New Form of Small Bessemer Plant 4:53 Read by ToddHW
Triple Compound Engines 13:34 Read by ToddHW
Early History of the Steam Jack 5:15 Read by ToddHW
Bridge at Verona 4:08 Read by mleigh
Pumping Machinery 16:08 Read by Brize C
Improved Gun Pressure Gauge 7:36 Read by Tim Tran
Improved Plaiting Machine 5:40 Read by Adrian Stephens
Self-Acting Shuttle Guard 2:18 Read by Lee Vogler
Ruler and Triangle for Hatching 1:53 Read by RMitchell
The Distillation of Sea Water 12:31 Read by Availle
Aids to Correct Exposure on Photographic Plates 21:18 Read by Adrian Stephens
Isochromatic Photography 13:50 Read by Adrian Stephens
Distortion from Expansion of the Paper in Photography 10:37 Read by Adrian Stephens
Measuring the Thickness of Boiler Plates 1:50 Read by Adrian Stephens
Groups of Statuary for the Pediment of the House of Parliament in Vienna 2:39 Read by Adrian Stephens
On the Fritts Selenium Cells and Batteries, Part I 21:33 Read by Adrian Stephens
On the Fritts Selenium Cells and Batteries, Part II 18:58 Read by Adrian Stephens
Electricity Applied to the Manufacture of Varnish 4:45 Read by Verla Viera
Naglo Brothers' Telephone System 3:55 Read by gont
The Gerard Electric Lamp 3:35 Read by gont
A New Reflecting Galvanometer 6:41 Read by grolon
Histological Methods 12:29 Read by Yoganandh T
Life History of a New Septic Organism 5:32 Read by Yoganandh T
Winter and the Insects 6:49 Read by Yoganandh T
Silk Worm Eggs 5:38 Read by BettyB
Determining the Mean Density of the Earth 3:53 Read by Laurie Banza
Physics without Apparatus 2:45 Read by gont
The Casino at Monte Carlo 2:41 Read by Alan Mapstone
On an Express Engine 12:50 Read by John Kennard
The Mucilage on Postage Stamps 1:14 Read by Larry Wilson
Erythroxylon 19:18 Read by Gwilym Taylor
The Melloco 6:03 Read by Larry Wilson