All the Sad Young Men

Read by SKVeld

(4.1 stars; 7 reviews)

A collection of short stories featuring a suite of wealthy protagonists navigating the perceived hardships of 1920s society. The themes center on lost love, personal struggles, fleeting romance, and the melancholy life. - Summary by SKVeld (6 hr 49 min)


The Rich Boy - Part 1 29:47 Read by SKVeld
The Rich Boy - Part 2 1:01:12 Read by SKVeld
Winter Dreams 54:24 Read by SKVeld
The Baby Party 28:04 Read by SKVeld
Absolution 35:12 Read by SKVeld
Rags Martin-Jones and the Pr-nce of W-les 40:58 Read by SKVeld
The Adjuster 47:51 Read by SKVeld
Hot and Cold Blood 34:33 Read by SKVeld
"The Sensible Thing" 34:03 Read by SKVeld
Gretchen's Forty Winks 42:59 Read by SKVeld


Absolutely wonderful

(5 stars)

F. Scott Fitzgerald is a master of word and tale. I liked this compilation much better than Gatsby; every one of these stories drew me in and had me wishing there was more. The reading is well done and very easy to listen to. I will come back & listen to this one again & again.

yes, the rich are different

(2.5 stars)

At least these characters are. They are incredibly BORING. I realize I don’t like this author’s writing style. Maybe that’s why I think his characters are colorless and lifeless.