Three Gringos in Venezuela and Central America

Read by Steven Seitel

(5 stars; 2 reviews)

In the 1890's, three American adventurers in search of warmer weather explore Central and South American cities by steamship and on horseback. They visit the remnants of the infamous Louisiana Lottery (exiled to Belise); then on to Hondoras, Trinidad, Santa Barbara, Tegucigalpa, Corinto, Nicaragua, Panama, and Caracus in Venezuela. Along the way they traverse dangerous mountain pathways, encounter charming girls, warring natives, wild animals, gory village bull fights, peculiar foods and customs, and much more. Davis was a well known travel writer and war correspondent, whose travel books were widely published. His style is direct and easy to follow, educational and frequently chuckle-inducing. (Summary by Steven Seitel & Michele Fry) (4 hr 28 min)


1. On the Caribbean Sea 23:28 Read by Steven Seitel
2. The Exiled Lottery 40:04 Read by Steven Seitel
3.1 In Honduras Part 1 54:56 Read by Steven Seitel
3.2 In Honduras Part 2 48:16 Read by Steven Seitel
4. At Corinto 35:25 Read by Steven Seitel
5. On the Isthmus of Panama 21:27 Read by Steven Seitel
6. The Paris of South America 44:34 Read by Steven Seitel