The Pot of Gold and Other Stories

Read by CDixon2022

(5 stars; 2 reviews)

Celebrated prolific 19th century author of dozens of short stories and novels brings us a wistful and whimsical collection of delightful children's fancies and tales of New England life for which she is known. - Summary by Ben Tucker (6 hr 11 min)


The Pot of Gold 16:58 Read by CDixon2022
The Cow with Golden Horns 21:30 Read by B.H.F. Russell
Princess Rosetta and the Pop-corn Man 35:41 Read by Christine Rottger
The Christmas Monks 25:47 Read by CDixon2022
The Pumpkin Giant 19:56 Read by Ben Tucker
The Christmas Masquerade 20:07 Read by Stacey Malcolm
Dill 17:51 Read by Seraphina
The Silver Hen 28:16 Read by Ariphron
Toby 23:06 Read by Nidhi Prakash
The Patchwork School 15:43 Read by Ellliot
The Squire's Sixpence 24:48 Read by Ariphron
A Plain Case 35:19 Read by Jade Fellows
A Stranger in the Village 14:35 Read by De Anna Lee
The Bound Girl 24:22 Read by CDixon2022
Deacon Thomas Wales's Will 26:28 Read by Bill Mosley
The Adopted Daughter 21:04 Read by CDixon2022