Emily's Quest

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(4.2 stars; 65 reviews)

This is the third and final book in the "Emily of New Moon" trilogy.

This is the story of Emily Starr's uneven climb from success in the short story to success in the novel, and of the entanglements in the love affairs of Perry Miller, Dean Priest, Teddy Kent, Ilse Burnley, and Emily Starr. (Summary adapted from Canadian Bookman, 1927) (7 hr 14 min)


Chapter 1 18:29 Read by Lori Olsen
Chapter 2 18:09 Read by valroth
Chapter 3 16:18 Read by valroth
Chapter 4 15:51 Read by NovaComms
Chapter 5 10:51 Read by pintri
Chapter 6 35:46 Read by pintri
Chapter 7 10:44 Read by De Anna Lee
Chapter 8 16:50 Read by J F Parks
Chapter 9 27:11 Read by J F Parks
Chapter 10 17:52 Read by valroth
Chapter 11 15:10 Read by valroth
Chapter 12 12:34 Read by littlemissclumsy
Chapter 13 15:22 Read by Ash707
Chapter 14 14:24 Read by Lori Olsen
Chapter 15 6:03 Read by Claudia Peri
Chapter 16 8:55 Read by Claudia Peri
Chapter 17 20:33 Read by Michelle Footz
Chapter 18 17:56 Read by Allyson
Chapter 19 14:52 Read by helensears
Chapter 20 7:41 Read by Allyson
Chapter 21 21:03 Read by helensears
Chapter 22 9:24 Read by Hope
Chapter 23 10:46 Read by Allyson
Chapter 24 24:27 Read by Miriam
Chapter 25 25:59 Read by Mairi MacLean
Chapter 26 13:59 Read by Kendra Scarlavai
Chapter 27 7:47 Read by Kendra Scarlavai


Mixed quality of readers

(2.5 stars)

Well written story, well read by some of the readers, but there are other readers who detract from the quality of the narration. Those chapters are a challenge to listen to.

a great book

(5 stars)

A vary good book like all the rest of Lucy maud Montgomerys Books! for girls 10+.

(5 stars)

Such an amazing book! Oh, how it got me worked up with emotions.

Great book, some narrators good.

(3 stars)

not sure what's going on in chapters 5, 6 and 13. Ridiculous toneless narration, as tho the reader is racing to get it over with. lovely that people spend the time to contribute but really ought to do the job with some interest and attention. Other narrators excellent and read with beautiful expression.

(5 stars)

I was wrapped up in the story from the first word. I mostly like the readers (especially reader J.F.Parks), but some got on my nerves . (chapters 5,6, and 12,13. ) I was frustrated with Emily because she would not get married. But I was very happy with the end. THUMBS UP!!!! Loved itsoooomuch!!!!!!!!!

Not my favourite

(1.5 stars)

The plot seemed to drag on and on with no resolve of any kind for far too long. To the point of being almost boring. I like L.M.Montgomery books but this one just didn't cut it. Sort of a disappointing ending to a good series.

(4 stars)

A satisfying round-off to the trilogy. Many of the librivox readers were good but I had to find a text version to read on line for a couple of chapters which were unintelligible in this librivox version.

good story kept me interested

(4 stars)

Liked the story very much. Almost all the readers did well. All but chapter 13. Reader seemed to just want to be done with it with poor enunciation and poor punctuation.