George Castriot, surnamed Scanderbeg, King of Albania, Books 1–3

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This is an early account of the life of George Castriot, Dominus Albaniae; An Albanian princeling and Ottoman military commander who rebelled and lead a decades long David-and-Goliath struggle against his former masters. He is a central figure of the Albanian identity and his coat of arms is today the flag of Albania.

Historia de vita et gestis Scanderbegi Epirotarvm principis was published, in Latin, in 1504 by Marin Barleti who was a Catholic priest. In 1576, Jacques de Lavardin translated it into French and expanded on it under the title; Histoire de Georges Castriot, surnommé Scanderbeg, roy d'Albanie. This copy was translated into English by barrister Zachary Jones, an acclaim-shy contemporary of Edmund Spenser who has succeeded very well at blending into the wallpaper of history. Finally, this edition was picked up by Clement Clarke Moore who reworked and abridged it in 1850.

These first three books chart the youth of “Scanderbeg” and his escapades growing up in the Court of of “Amurath” (Murad II), his break with the Turks and regaining of the lands of his father, his fight against the Turks, his efforts on behalf of Hungary and the start of his war with Venice! - Summary by Alister (3 hr 7 min)


Preliminary Notice 6:44 Read by Alister
Book 1, Part 1 30:52 Read by Alister
Book 1, Part 2 31:49 Read by Alister
Book 2, Part 1 25:38 Read by Alister
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Book 3, Part 1 21:38 Read by Alister
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Fantastic book

(5 stars)

Legendary hero! Just, kind and brave like no other! Wish all his battles were decumented as he deserves it.