Bratton's Idea

Read by Ben Tucker

(4.8 stars; 7 reviews)

Bratton, a humble old janitor at a Hollywood film studio, has a secret passion... Mad Science! He has made it his life's ambition to create life from nothing but thus far has not succeeded in animating dead tissue and robotic automatons. When a star ventriloquist discards his dummy after a failed wedding proposal, Bratton believes that he has found the perfect vessel for his experiment. Unfortunately Tom-Tom, the dummy, awakens with a lust for murder! (Summary by Ben Tucker) (1 hr 3 min)


Part 1 13:27 Read by Ben Tucker
Part 2 10:42 Read by Ben Tucker
Part 3 15:09 Read by Ben Tucker
Part 4 13:44 Read by Ben Tucker
Part 5 10:07 Read by Ben Tucker


(5 stars)

A simple and entertaining story, Typical of its genre. 5 stars is more for Ben's reading which kept me smiling throughout.