Edison's Conquest of Mars

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Edison's Conquest of Mars, by Garrett P. Serviss, is one of the many science fiction novels published in the nineteenth century. Although science fiction was not at the time thought of as a distinct literary genre, it was a very popular literary form, with almost every fiction magazine regularly publishing science fiction stories and novels. "Edison's Conquest of Mars" was published in 1898 as an unauthorized sequel to H. G. Wells's The War of the Worlds, but did not achieve the fame of its predecessor. The book was endorsed by Thomas Edison, the hero of the book -- though not by Wells. (Summary from Wikipedia) (7 hr 4 min)


Chapter I 20:24 Read by Roger Melin
Chapter II 19:59 Read by RobbieRogers
Chapter III 24:50 Read by RobbieRogers
Chapter IV 17:36 Read by RobbieRogers
Chapter V 28:25 Read by RobbieRogers
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I was drawn to this book because I'm a big fan of the "War of the Worlds". This story couldn't really fail to be a good story, spaceships, aliens and warfare litter the book in a loverly pile of SciFi crunchiness. The book starts off with a very short ride through the recovery of mankind from the Martian attack up to the mounting of an Attack on Mars. Then it slows down to a more normal narrative pace as the human forces are mustered and set to cross the gulf of space. At that point we have a space opera type adventure as they discover the unknowns of space suffering setbacks and discovering the amazing. Once the human fleet reaches Mars the pace picks up and the action is non stop. Of course being such an old book, many of the assumptions made by the author are complete nonsence but this really adds to the "Classic" feel of the tale. All in all I really enjoyed this book. And considering that it's free, the price was a bonus! To read more of my reviews please visit http://freeaudioreview.blogspot.com/

Edison's Conquest of Mars

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Well read, fun listen - thanks!

I enjoyed this throwback to a stranger time.

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great story, some readers not so good.

Interesting book

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Kristine, I recommend training on pronunciation. Eg. warriors is not various. Sometimes it is hard to understand. But thanks anyhow for volonteering! :-)