The Gardener and The Burden

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(4.8 stars; 10 reviews)

Helen Turrell’s life has been one of respectability and duty, and she adopts and raises her illegitimate nephew upon her scapegrace brother’s death. When the young man’s promising future is cut short by the First World War, Helen travels to his grave for a final meeting.

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The Gardener and The Burden 29:12 Read by Newgatenovelist


Kipling at his best!

(5 stars)

I sometimes find Mr Kipling a bit wordy, admiring his own cleverness, so to speak. But this one has exactly just enough words to convey the full meaning and elicit great sympathy for Mummy, child, and the horrors of WWI. I lost 2 great uncles in that war, which wrecked my great grandparents’ mental health, and no telling how that loss has affected me, hanging over my Mom’s French family like a shroud. Beautifully read by Newgatenovelist, up to her usual style. Short stories are some of my favorite literature. They can really pack a punch!

(5 stars)

When I 1st turned this on and I wasn't aware of how short it was I usually prefer longer books, But after this I shall start listening to Some of the shorter ones this was very intriguing I Enjoyed it, sad but still very good ,the reader did an excellent job

(5 stars)

Thank you NewgateNovelist. It was beautifully read.