History of My Pets

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

A collection of stories about the various pets the author had during her childhood. In this revised addition, the author also added some stories about the pets of other people she knew throughout her life. The pets described in the book include a wide variety of animals ranging from the expected cats and dogs to the more unusual frog, hawk, and owl. - Summary by Elsie Selwyn (3 hr 23 min)


Preface 5:25 Read by Elijah Fisher
Keturah and Long Tom-Cats 17:25 Read by Sheri Schwert
Sam the Rooster 5:27 Read by Chel Bu
Toby the Hawk 11:17 Read by KevinS
Phibby the Frog 12:54 Read by BriaHolmes
Milly the Pony, and Carlo the Dog 16:32 Read by Ted Perkins
Cora the Spaniel 12:39 Read by Gila Labinger Freeberg
Jack the Drake 8:06 Read by Jules33
Hector the Greyhound 9:26 Read by KhorneHolio
Bob the Cosset 7:36 Read by Russell J. Fellows
Tom the Setter 11:53 Read by KevinS
Supplementary Stories Preface 1:32 Read by Stacey Malcolm
Minnie's Owl 6:23 Read by Kazhe Kurdo
Nannie's Lamb 12:27 Read by mleigh
Fido the Brave 10:58 Read by Tom Merritt
Cat Tales: Faithful Grimalkin 3:38 Read by Anita Hibbard
Cat Tales: Obedient Thomas 4:50 Read by Jessica Harris
Cat Tales: Katrina and Katrinka 10:21 Read by Jessica Harris
Our Cousins the Parrots 18:12 Read by Tess Stalker
Rooster Mothers 4:51 Read by Anthony Will
The Gallant Bantam 3:39 Read by Ted Perkins
Other Disowned Chicks 8:28 Read by Ted Perkins