The Club of Masks

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(4.6 stars; 9 reviews)

It was far from a simple case of opium poisoning — the affair at the Domino Club. Zenobia Salome, the Leopardess, whichever of those silk masked revelers killed Dr. Weathered, had knowledge of a poison new even to Sir Frank Tarleton, the expert. And whoever stole the doctor's case book, stole no ordinary physician's record book but a terrible weapon to hold over the heads of London society. Here is a very ingenious detective story with a psychoanalytical slant, reveling the terrible use that can be made of the secret inclinations gnawing at the hearts of men. Uniquely, it is told by one who has played an actual part in crime, but who, page by page, betrays only as much as circumstances force from him. This unusual method keeps the tension of interest running high and deepens the mystery for even the most astute of detective-story readers. - Summary from the book jacket (6 hr 52 min)


On His Majesty’s Service 20:51 Read by ToddHW
The Evidence Of Madame Bonnell 28:27 Read by Jess Gauchel
The Evidence Of The Dead 21:05 Read by Howard Skyman
The Opened Safe 21:32 Read by Howard Skyman
Dr. Weathered’s Patients 18:23 Read by Allyson
The Books Of The Domino Club 20:04 Read by Howard Skyman
The Cause Of Death 24:40 Read by Chuck Williamson
The Leopard’s Claws 15:23 Read by Allyson
Sarah Neobard Speaks Out 20:08 Read by Howard Skyman
The Case Against Lady Violet 18:43 Read by Howard Skyman
What The Cipher Meant 21:45 Read by Howard Skyman
Psycho-Analysis 18:54 Read by Inkell
The Earl Of Ledbury Intervenes 17:57 Read by Allyson
The Unknown Poison 21:51 Read by James R. Hedrick
The Lady Of The Leopard Skin 20:08 Read by Allyson
The Red Light 16:03 Read by Allyson
A Singular Dismissal 22:17 Read by Howard Skyman
Mother And Daughter 20:46 Read by Howard Skyman
The Means To Do Ill Deeds 18:57 Read by Allyson
The Finger-Print 24:12 Read by ToddHW


very good, clever, and sensitive

(4 stars)

I love this guy. There are scenes in which calculating criminals fighting to save themselves present one lie after another, met by law enforcement brains at each twist, in a way that is so impressive— to this reader anyway— in the end it’s about the means of evil: how the possession of a mystery poison gives all kinds of people “ideas.”

(5 stars)

Wow! What a book! The biggest part of the suspense is continually adding details about the main character that makes the big picture so much bigger.

Club of Masks

(4 stars)

Well read and well written