The Mysterious Stranger and Other Stories

Read by Ted Delorme

(4.7 stars; 98 reviews)

Here's a Mark Twain story that's very unlike those he became famous for, but when I read it back in Catholic high school, it left a deep impression. It concerns the deeply religious residents of a small village in Austria during the late sixteenth century, and what happened to several of them when a strange man began to visit their insulated homeland. There's little of Twain's humor here; this is a horror story, a parable. . . and a warning.
(Summary by Ted Delorme) (4 hr 33 min)


Chapter 01 9:23 Read by Ted Delorme
Chapter 02 18:50 Read by Ted Delorme
Chapter 03 21:45 Read by Ted Delorme
Chapter 04 6:07 Read by Ted Delorme
Chapter 05 26:55 Read by Ted Delorme
Chapter 06 27:03 Read by Ted Delorme
Chapter 07 40:14 Read by Ted Delorme
Chapter 08 44:09 Read by Ted Delorme
Chapter 09 12:02 Read by Ted Delorme
Chapter 10 28:20 Read by Ted Delorme
Chapter 11 7:26 Read by Ted Delorme
Chapter 12 30:58 Read by Ted Delorme


Mysterious Stranger

(5 stars)

Hold on to your bible while you listen to Satan describe the folly of mankind. Amazing production. Excellent reading. Full of personality and depth of character. Good thing they didn't burn Samuel Clemens at the stake for writing this!

Wonderful rendition

(5 stars)

I read this book as a teenager. Ted's reading of this book is as good as any commercially available or Library of Congress audio book I have ever listened to. I found it absolutely riveting. I read it as a teenager. The edition had beautiful color illustrations. Many of these came to mind as I listened to this reading. The material is very thought provoking. Highly recommend.

Twain's Brain Twister

(5 stars)

This was a great awakening for me to. Twain really shows his Depth and may challenge your religious beliefs. I listen to this book quite abit and really enjoy how the characters are b . I came out wondering what the hell? l listen to this at least monthly. Tw

Mysterious Stranger... Wow!

(5 stars)

Honestly one I've the best stories I've ever experienced... wow! Amazing story by Mark Twain... far better than his children's literature. This story will stay with me for life...

great listening

(5 stars)

I really enjoyed the stories and the most excellent reader. A different aspect of Mark Twain's writing revealed. I wish he had done more in this genre.

Not the typical Mark Twain story.

(4 stars)

This story was not in the typical Mark Twain vein, it was a little disturbing. The reader did a great job.

(5 stars)

Love love love this story!!! And a fabulous read. I've listened to it several times!@ its my favorite story to fall asleep listening to.


(5 stars)

Reeling from the talent of this reader! Thank you! Portraying anguish/despair by placing your hand over your mouth was an impressive touch.