Florida Trails

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American naturalist, Winthrop Packard, has given us such accounts as Wild Pastures, Wood Wanderings, and White Mountain Trails now he takes us on a wandering journey along Florida trails as seen from Jacksonville to Key West and from November to April, alerting us to the many inhabitants and their habitat. Through orange groves, palmettos, mangroves, to the sea he tells us about warblers, butterflies, pelicans, alligators, and wild turkeys, and more. Packard writes with a free-flowing narrative that is both informative and entertaining, sometimes dramatic and sometimes poetic. - Summary by Larry Wilson (7 hr 19 min)


Going South with the Warblers 15:41 Read by Mike W
Certain Southern Butterflies 15:50 Read by Mike W
Along the River Margin 22:55 Read by PhyllisV
Birds of a Morning 17:18 Read by marisad6
’Twixt Orange Grove and Swamp 22:01 Read by PhyllisV
Jasmine and Cherokee Roses 16:12 Read by OOKtheLibrarian
A Frosty Morning in Florida 17:01 Read by Greg Giordano
Christmas at St. Augustine 15:32 Read by Greg Giordano
In a Florida Freeze 17:31 Read by Greg Giordano
Down the Indian River 13:25 Read by OOKtheLibrarian
Spring in the Savannas 13:13 Read by OOKtheLibrarian
Seven Thousand Pelicans 22:12 Read by PhyllisV
Just Fishing 17:47 Read by Owler
Palmettos of the St. Lucie 16:57 Read by Owler
Intruding on Ward’s Herons 17:24 Read by marisad6
One Road to Palm Beach 16:02 Read by BettyB
Moonlight and March Mornings 21:10 Read by PhyllisV
In Grapefruit Groves 19:16 Read by acousticwave
Butterflies of the Indian River 17:37 Read by Owler
Alligators and Wild Turkeys 15:39 Read by Owler
Easter Time at Palm Beach 17:08 Read by BettyB
Into the Miraculous Sea 13:47 Read by Bradford Wilson
Down the St. Johns 18:42 Read by Rita Boutros
Holly Blossom Time 21:19 Read by Rita Boutros
In a Turpentine Camp 18:15 Read by Rita Boutros



(4 stars)

This book is picturesque, pleasant and informative travelogue. The author is well known for clean clear melodic narrative, and the readers all did him justice.