The Film Mystery

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.3 stars; 141 reviews)

The Film Mystery is one of eighteen detective novels by Arthur B. Reeve starring his best known character Professor Craig Kennedy and his trusty sidekick Walter Jameson, a newspaper reporter. The pair bears an unmistakable resemblance to the more famous British master sleuth and his doctor friend. The setting of this mystery is the early days of movie making, and the murder victim is Stella Lamar, “the beautiful idol of the screen, beloved of millions”, who collapses and dies during the filming of a scene for her latest movie. (Summary by Maire Rhode) (8 hr 28 min)


Ch 1 A Camera Crime 14:11 Read by Sibella Denton
Ch 2 The Tiny Scratch 15:51 Read by Maire Rhode
Ch 3 Tangled Motives 12:48 Read by Gesine
Ch 4 The Fatal Script 19:40 Read by Roger Melin
Ch 5 An Emotional Maze 21:54 Read by Roger Melin
Ch 6 The First Club 13:19 Read by Wetcoast
Ch 7 Enid Faye 15:46 Read by Alana Jordan
Ch 8 Lawrence Millard 20:41 Read by rhodian
Ch 9 White-Light Shadows 14:48 Read by Lisa Wilson
Ch 10 Chemical Research 11:21 Read by J. M. Smallheer
Ch 11 Forestalled 14:23 Read by Lucy Burgoyne (1950 - 2014)
Ch 12 Emery Phelps 15:38 Read by Roger Melin
Ch 13 Marilyn Loring 17:17 Read by Roger Melin
Ch 14 Another Clue 16:14 Read by Roger Melin
Ch 15 I Become A Detective 26:05 Read by Maire Rhode
Ch 16 Enid Assists 21:14 Read by Chris Jones
Ch 17 An Appeal 9:57 Read by Lucy Burgoyne (1950 - 2014)
Ch 18 The Antivenin 7:02 Read by Sibella Denton
Ch 19 Around The Circle 20:08 Read by Julie Levi
Ch 20 The Banquet Scene 19:19 Read by Julie Levi
Ch 21 Merle Shirley Overacts 12:19 Read by Julie Levi
Ch 22 The Stem 12:29 Read by Hoosemon
Ch 23 Botulin Toxin 14:18 Read by Lucy Burgoyne (1950 - 2014)
Ch 24 The Invisible Menace 11:49 Read by Sibella Denton
Ch 25 Itching Salve 15:39 Read by Lisa Wilson
Ch 26 A Cigarette Case 13:09 Read by Hoosemon
Ch 27 The Film Fire 18:52 Read by Lisa Wilson
Ch 28 The Phosphorus Bomb 16:37 Read by Hoosemon
Ch 29 Microscopic Evidence 14:01 Read by Hoosemon
Ch 30 The Ballroom Scene 14:49 Read by rhodian
Ch 31 Physostigmin 11:46 Read by J. M. Smallheer
Ch 32 Camera Evidence 25:01 Read by Sibella Denton


I liked it

(4 stars)

I definitely liked this book, it had plenty of plot twists and foreshadowing. However, the beginning was a bit confusing, quite a few characters are introduced right away and I found myself jotting down notes to keep track of them. I had to listen to the first few chapters a few times before it all sunk in. But once you get past that, it is a very good story. Reader is very good, easy to follow.

Worth downloading

(4 stars)

I liked this one also. It is a great period piece with lots of film atmosphere; the end was not predictable but not outrageous, either. Good reader and a good story.

Good story...

(5 stars)

Story was good, slowed a hit with a little too much scientific description at times. I found the ending lacking any closure, though, with the very last sentence the solution. The readers all did a good effort, but found the changing to be distracting, just when I’ve gotten used to one, it switched. Some of the readers sounded like they could have used better setup for recording, often sounding like in a well.

a bit too technical for me

(3 stars)

This was reasonable bedtime listening, but I found the science or pseudo science dragged. Also, although the narrators were pretty much all good the changes from one to another was a bit distracting. Worth a listen, though.

David R.Smith

(5 stars)

Great reads and effort by all. Nice long twisting story with the climax held off to the very last sentences. Good insight to the early days of filmmaking too along with good character and dialogue build ups: Thanks!

(3 stars)

I really hate that a different person reads each chapter. it really puts me off. One of the women in this one was unable to phrase properly and mispronounced many words.

(4.5 stars)

Thourhly enjoyable story. I appreciate the efforts of the volunteer readers, but my favorite has to be Roger.Molean who has an excellent reading voice.


(2 stars)

Interesting but preposterous. A murderer uses 3 different types of poison & an anti-venom?? Great readers wasted on a silly book