A Moment of Time

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British author Richard Hughes is perhaps most well-known for his sea-faring adventure novel A High Wind in Jamaica, but a dive into his short fiction reveals a much more multi-faceted author, fusing the gothic literature of the 19th century with modern touches, often with a twist in the tale. This collection showcases his ability to blend the dark and spooky with romance, tragedy and humor into an altogether enjoyable concoction of smart and literary stew. (Summary by Ben Tucker) (5 hr 33 min)


Lochinvárovič 1:08:10 Read by Ben Tucker
The Stranger 15:40 Read by Ben Tucker
Locomotive 8:17 Read by Ben Tucker
Llwyd 9:59 Read by Valerie Aethra
Poor Man's Inn 35:49 Read by Rita Boutros
A Moment of Time 7:53 Read by Ben Tucker
She Caught Hold of the Toe 3:08 Read by Ben Tucker
The Vanishing Man 7:11 Read by Ben Tucker
Monoculism 5:43 Read by Jayjaysil
Jungle 4:16 Read by Cbteddy
The Cart 12:34 Read by Alicia Wellman
The Swans 7:31 Read by Rita Boutros
The Ghost 6:56 Read by Ben Tucker
Cornelius Katie 11:36 Read by Rita Boutros
The Sea 11:16 Read by Rita Boutros
Leaves 7:03 Read by Jayjaysil
Martha 35:22 Read by rozk
The Chest 7:33 Read by Agnes Robert Behr
The Devil-Stick 7:18 Read by April6090
A Night at a Cottage 6:29 Read by Ben Tucker
The Victorian Room--and James 4:38 Read by Agnes Robert Behr
The Diary of a Steerage Passenger 49:20 Read by Rita Boutros