The American Bee Journal, Vol. I, No. 1, January 1861

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The American Bee Journal is the “oldest bee paper in America established in 1861 devoted to scientific bee-culture and the production and sale of pure honey. This is the premier issue with topics such as Bee Culture, The Worker Bee, Structure of the Bee's Cell,The Italian Bee, Hives, Green Honey, and many others. - Summary by Larry Wilson (2 hr 14 min)


Bee Culture 14:30 Read by CBilson
The Hornet (Vespa Crabro) 3:59 Read by Carol Galbraith
Dwarf Bees, Singular Occurrence, From Burton’s ‘‘ Lake Regions of Central Afric… 4:37 Read by Agnes Robert Behr
The Dzierzon Theory, Chinese Mode of Taking Honey, Bees and Grapes 11:57 Read by Carol Galbraith
The Worker Bee 23:53 Read by Gordyn Rideau
Large Deposiit of Honey, Development of the Worker Egg 10:03 Read by Gloria Loughry
Structure of the Bee's Cell 5:43 Read by Stunning
Hives, Green Honey, German Adages 14:18 Read by AldenWilliams
The Italian Bee 22:24 Read by CBilson
Range of Bee's Flight, Bees and Botany, Longevity of the Queen Bee 6:22 Read by Stacey Malcolm
Mexican and Other Bees, Bees Not Decoyed, The Bees as Mathematicians 5:24 Read by Laurie Wehmeyer
Dr. Barth’s Method, Short Notices 5:09 Read by Laurie Wehmeyer
Monthly Management - January 6:14 Read by Agnes Robert Behr