The Camp Fire Girls in the Outside World

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(4.8 stars; 2 reviews)

Betty Ashton's world is not a happy one, at this point. Her mother is sick, the other girls are in New York, her boarders have left, and she is out of money. While she is contemplating selling her family home in England, there is a knock at the door. She is given a package that will change everything! (4 hr 15 min)


"Do You Remember Me?" 10:24 Read by Allyson
Betty's Knight 16:51 Read by Stunning
Her Pension 10:38 Read by Allyson
Temptation 12:34 Read by Nancy Gorgen
The Way of the Willful 8:18 Read by Nancy Gorgen
Esther's Room 8:34 Read by Nancy Gorgen
The Threat 12:02 Read by Marie Christian
Preparations for the Holidays 9:59 Read by artemisaro
The Castle of Life 12:19 Read by artemisaro
The Recognition 10:32 Read by Allyson
Sunrise Cabin Again 13:01 Read by Allyson
"Life's Little Ironies" 12:30 Read by artemisaro
The Invalids 13:35 Read by artemisaro
"Which Comes Like a Benediction" 8:05 Read by Allyson
Secrets 10:09 Read by Allyson
The Law of the Fire 12:58 Read by Allyson
A Figure in the Night 10:36 Read by Allyson
Uncertainty 11:26 Read by Stunning
An Unspoken Possibility 10:13 Read by Stunning
The Beginning of Light 9:42 Read by Allyson
Betty Finds Out 9:00 Read by Nancy Gorgen
Sunrise Cabin 11:18 Read by Nancy Gorgen
Farewells 10:40 Read by Nancy Gorgen