The Future in America: A Search After Realities

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A series of travel essays by one of the most well known antiquarian authors focused on America and its persistent social, economic and developmental problems. (Summary by Christine Rottger)

The language and ideas in this book reflect the period in which it was written. Librivox does not censor works recorded. Some readers and listeners may be offended. (7 hr 15 min)


Chapter 1: THE PROPHETIC HABIT OF MIND 35:15 Read by Christine Rottger
Chapter 2: MATERIAL PROGRESS 19:54 Read by Cbteddy
Chapter 3: NEW YORK 25:12 Read by C. B. Seyfarth
Chapter 4: GROWTH INVINCIBLE 31:40 Read by roselbex
Chapter 5: THE ECONOMIC PROCESS 44:45 Read by guava
Chapter 6: SOME ASPECTS OF AMERICAN WEALTH 37:31 Read by guava
Chapter 7: CERTAIN WORKERS 20:38 Read by roselbex
Chapter 8: CORRUPTION 23:38 Read by Cbteddy
Chapter 9: THE IMMIGRANT 23:32 Read by Cbteddy
Chapter 10: STATE BLINDNESS 24:44 Read by roselbex
Chapter 11: TWO STUDIES IN DISAPPOINTMENT 29:15 Read by Joanna Dębicka
Chapter 12: THE TRAGEDY OF COLOR 30:59 Read by roselbex
Chapter 13: THE MIND OF A MODERN STATE 27:35 Read by Cbteddy
Chapter 14: CULTURE 18:11 Read by Cbteddy
Chapter 15: AT WASHINGTON THE ENVOY 42:48 Read by Molly