Stories of Grit

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"There are just two classes of boys who should be permitted to read these fascinating pages.

The ambitious boys are in one class; those who are determined to make their lives count. That type of boy will be helped toward finding the best outlet for his services. He will learn of fields of investment for his life work which have brought rich returns to other boys. His vision will be broadened, his objective made higher.

The other class of boy who should read this book is that in whom the fires of ambition have not yet been kindled; he who is living on the dead level of life, just "groping to and fro". This type of boy will be inspired to tackle the climbing life when he learns of the handicaps which other boys have overcome and of the great goals they have won." - Summary from the introduction (3 hr 2 min)


Introduction 3:49 Read by Stephie8161
The Blind Boy who Became Poet, Preacher and Author 14:38 Read by Stephie8161
How a Lame Boy Became the World's Greatest Potter 17:37 Read by mleigh
The Dutch Boy who Became a Great Editor 14:58 Read by Winnifred Assmann
A Deaf Boy who Became a Great Bible Scholar 8:36 Read by AnneGowan
The Slave Boy who Became a Great Leader 12:10 Read by Penny Coffeen
The Immigrant Lad who Became a King of Industry 9:33 Read by Lisa Greene
A Shoemaker's Apprentice who Became a Great Scholar 12:13 Read by Penny Coffeen
From Gipsy Tent to Pulpit 13:22 Read by HypocriticalHit
A Blind Man who Became Postmaster-General of England 12:35 Read by Winnifred Assmann
The Ploughboy who Became a Famous Naturalist 12:05 Read by Marie Christian
A Sick Man who Never Gave Up 8:58 Read by Carol Galbraith
How a Poor Boy Became a Great Scientist 10:54 Read by ToniaManley
What an Illiterate Boy Made of His Life 14:32 Read by George Banfield
A Donkey Boy who Became a Famous Sculptor 16:01 Read by Marie Christian