Anthem (Version 6)

Read by Scotty Smith

(4.2 stars; 11 reviews)

A novelette set in the distant future, perhaps thousands of years. Technology has been lost and advancement suppressed. The people have either given up or been stripped of will, freedom, and individuality. The family unit no longer exists as the entire life cycle from conception to death is institutionalized; severely conditioning children to value only service to their brother man and never stand out or above. However, the true human spirit proves difficult to suppress for ever and always as one bright, curious young man, after making an amazing discovery, trail blazes a new way of life ... or is it an old way of life? - Summary by Scotty Smith (2 hr 0 min)


Part 1 31:40 Read by Scotty Smith
Parts 2-4 27:32 Read by Scotty Smith
Parts 5-7 23:23 Read by Scotty Smith
Parts 8-10 20:55 Read by Scotty Smith
Parts 11-12 16:55 Read by Scotty Smith


Absolutely golden

(4.5 stars)

I reread this book every year. It’s like hope on a page.

almost prophetic!

(5 stars)

Amazing story. loved the narrator I couldn't stop listening.