An Introduction to Metaphysics

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An Introduction to Metaphysics (Introduction a la Metaphysique) is a 1903 essay by Henri Bergson that explores the concept of reality. For Bergson, reality occurs not in a series of discrete states but as a process similar to that described by the Greek philosopher Heraclitus. Reality is fluid and cannot be completely understood through reductionistic analysis, which he said "implies that we go around an object", gaining knowledge from various perspectives which are relative. Instead, reality can be grasped absolutely only through intuition, which Bergson expressed as "entering into" the object. (Summary by Wikipedia) (1 hr 45 min)


0 - Translator's Preface 2:38 Read by Mark Cawley
1 - Part 1 9:36 Read by TriciaG
2 - Part 2 34:18 Read by TriciaG
3 - Part 3 27:25 Read by TriciaG
4 - Part 4 31:55 Read by TriciaG


Reader's Response

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As the reader of this project, I disagree with the previous reviewer about the annoyance of the reader's voice. :o) I have gotten positive private messages about this recording, so to each his own, I suppose. To potential listeners: I recommend listening to a snippet of a section (not the preface, as I didn't read that) and judging for yourself whether it's listenable or not. If it's really horrid, I certainly encourage someone to go to and record another version of the project. Choice of Voice is very big at LV. Oh, and there's NO screening of readers at LibriVox - it's all volunteer. As long as the recordings are understandable, readers are accepted. So maybe that's how I snuck in. Hee hee!

Very Well Read!

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I couldn't disagree more with the first reviewer! This book (which I can't say I've ever been incredibly interested in) has been brought to life by Tricia's wonderful voice. You know what, after listening to this book (which I only found because I'm listening through to most of Tricia's recordings because I find her voice so beautiful)I think I want to know more about metaphysics! :)

3 stars

(3 stars)

I don't mind the reader's voice at all. I've taken a lot of acting and reading courses and she does much better than most. The topic is interesting, but the writing is not very "user friendly". Moto, if you have to be nasty...

somewhat dry topic but well-read

(5 stars)

Metaphysics isn't really my thing, but anyone interested in the subject should not let the ad hominem statements of a previous reviewer dissuade them from listening to this recording. The reading is more than adequate. Go LibriVox!

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Since the text reminded me of, perhaps, a trickier Stephen Hawking, I suppose it is apropos that the reader sounds a bit like Ms. Spell.