A Doll's House

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.5 stars; 162 reviews)

A Doll's House, written two years after The Pillars of Society, was the first of Ibsen's plays to create a sensation and is now perhaps his most famous play, and required reading in many secondary schools and universities. The play was highly controversial when first published, as it is sharply critical of 19th Century marriage norms. It follows the formula of well-made play up until the final act, when it breaks convention by ending with a discussion, not an unravelling. It is often called the first true feminist play, although Ibsen denied this. From Wikipedia

Narrator – Read by Aleithia
Nora – Read by Elizabeth Klett
Porter – Read by mb
Helmer – Read by David Muncaster
Maid – Read by Anna Simon
Mrs Linde – Read by Miranda Stinson
Krogstad – Read by Jordan Schneider
Rank – Read by Andy
Children – Read by Aleithia
Nurse – Read by Alana Jordan (2 hr 31 min)


ACT I 59:04 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
ACT II 45:04 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
ACT III 47:03 Read by LibriVox Volunteers


Great play, pretty good recording

(4 stars)

I usually can't listen to Librivox plays. There are no sound effects; the actors/readers are unauditioned, and often over- or underact; the stage directions are usually read aloud; it's hard to keep track of the characters based on the voices alone; and typically, all the voices are recorded separately and spliced together, which can have a jarring effect. But once I got over the initial distaste, I really enjoyed this recording. The actors/readers, though clearly amateurs, give low-key, expressive performances. The one who plays Nora is especially charming, and her occasional excesses seem appropriate to the character. The sound quality is good, and the audio editing strikes me as better than average. Overall the effect was midway between seeing the play performed and reading it.

Made my life easier and more enjoyable

(5 stars)

Thank you so much for this resource. I work two jobs and I'm going to school. I needed to read this play for a European literature class and was able to listen to it in audiobook form while in my car. I found it to be a very enjoyable and efficient experience. I must say Dr. Rank was my favorite actor, I was enamored with his accent! 5 stars for Dr. Rank.

(3 stars)

I found the twists and turns fascinating. The depth of thought was captivating. I wanted to rate this more highly though a three star rating is intended to be very good. The atmosphere was rather depressing the whole way through and I suppose plays, however well they are read, are written primarily to be watched on stage. Thank you for all the effort made by the audio actors. You did a great job! Not an easy task.

well done production

(4 stars)

this was a better than usual recording for LibriVox, especially considering using a full cast. nearly everybody was good in their roles with the possible exception of the woman who played Christine who I found kind of flat. that aside the story was intriguing but it was lifted to a new height at the end by the relevations and self-relevations that drive the ending.

(2.5 stars)

I actually wasn't fond of how the ending played out. I understand the issue & what she wants to do but wish it came out differently. Also, it's odd how thinking of suicide while in despair is quite dramatic for one character & is nonchalant regarding another. This play just didn't sit right with me.

A modern play

(4 stars)

All the volunteers did justice to the play, but Torvald's recording is not the same as others, its not that loud and clear. i wish it was. i like this play alot, its one of the first modern plays to come to English literature.

deep and moving

(5 stars)

This play was easy to listen to and follow and was well acted. I found it moving and it implored one to look deeply into what real relationship is and criticized the doting husband and pet wife scenario. I highly recommend this play!

I heard it fir the first time. A brilliant story that should be heard by all. Ir is about being authentic in relationships. About ethics. About facing misfortune headon. This play was most engaging. A magnificent work of literature.

(5 stars)