The American Bee Journal, Vol. I, No. 2, February 1861

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The American Bee Journal is the “oldest bee paper in America established in 1861 devoted to scientific bee-culture and the production and sale of pure honey. This second issue covers such topics such as The Dzierzon Theory, Origin and Nature of Honey Dew, Chemical Analysis of the Royal Jelly, The Italian Bee, and many others. - Summary by Larry Wilson (2 hr 16 min)


The Dzierzon Theory 14:59 Read by KHand
Workers Not Monsters 6:31 Read by Agnes Robert Behr
Origin and Nature of Honey Dew 8:23 Read by Sonrisa Jones
Size of Colonies / Eggs of the Bee Moth 5:48 Read by RickHall
Early Spring Treatment in Poorer Districts 21:32 Read by KHand
Honey Districts 8:36 Read by KHand
Chemical Analysis of the Royal Jelly 3:43 Read by Stunning
Bee Culture in Greece 5:14 Read by czandra
Chilled Bees / Swarming and Hives 2:45 Read by Brian Wilson
Quick Work / Brood a Stimulant / Red Clover 4:09 Read by Ashley Jamieson
The Drone Bee 18:31 Read by Sonrisa Jones
Peculiarities of the Royal Cell. 6:59 Read by KHand
Chemical Nature of Honey / Hatching of Bees' Eggs / Bees in Silesia 3:20 Read by Rebekah Salisbury
The Italian Bee 14:06 Read by Sonrisa Jones
Short Comments 6:00 Read by Sonrisa Jones
Monthly Management - February 5:27 Read by Stacey Malcolm