The Young Ice Whalers

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Noted American naturalist, Winthrop Packard, has given such enchanting nature books as Wildwood Ways, White Mountain Trails, and Woodland Ways, was also a Member Corwin exploring expedition to Alaska, Siberia and the Arctic, 1900.

Against the background, comes this riveting story of the men who ventured into this hazardous territory aboard the Whaling Bark Bowhead.
- Summary by Larry Wilson (8 hr 15 min)


A Change in Life’s Plans 26:35 Read by Cbteddy
Bound for the Arctic 29:23 Read by Cbteddy
Bucking Ice in Bering Sea 31:58 Read by Cbteddy
The Little Men of the Diomedes 34:00 Read by Claudia Peri
When the Ice Came In 31:30 Read by artemisaro
Winter Life and Innuit Friends 41:10 Read by Alex J
The Ghost Wolves of the Nunatak 27:04 Read by Charlie Kingfisher
Whaling in Earnest 43:59 Read by Richard Vogel
In the Enemy’s Power 40:25 Read by Richard Vogel
“The Feast of the Old Seal’s Head” 33:10 Read by Matthew Westra
“The Village Where No One Lives” 41:23 Read by prajak
In The Heart of Blizzards 36:09 Read by Ari Friedland
The Meeting of Tribes 30:06 Read by Ari Friedland
Staking out a Fortune 31:02 Read by Melissa Griffin
Home Again 17:49 Read by Melissa Griffin