The Reader's Digest, Volume 1, Issue 1

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Thirty one articles each month from leading magazines - Each article of enduring value and interest, in condensed and compact form.
A most convenient means of “keeping one’s information account open” —of reading stimulating articles on a wide variety of subjects. - Summary from the title / front page (3 hr 41 min)


Remarkable Remarks", and "How to Keep Young Mentally" by Mary B Mullett 9:34 Read by Larry Wilson
Prison Facts by Frank Tannenbaum 9:25 Read by mleigh
Story of the Premature Peace Report Arthur Hornblow Jr. 8:20 Read by Elijah Fisher
Untying the Apron Strings by Montanye Perry 6:45 Read by Elijah Fisher
What Do You Know? 8:17 Read by Bill Mosley
Whatever Is New for Women Is Wrong by Edna Kenton 7:44 Read by dc
The Difficulty of Being Unsuspected 2:52 Read by Ann Boulais
"Rich of Croesus" Rodger W. Babson 4:00 Read by Bill Mosley
Watch Your Dog and Be Wise! by Albert Payson Terhune 8:53 Read by Bill Mosley
Henry Ford, Dreamer and Worker by Judson C Welliver 8:41 Read by BettyB
Love - Luxury or Necessity by Catherine Anthony 6:58 Read by Stacey Malcolm
Time Telling - Past, Present and Future by Earl E Whitehorne 5:29 Read by Anthony Will
The Philippines Inside Out by Gertrude Emerson 7:57 Read by Larry Wilson
What Kind of a Husband Are You? by Montanye Perry 8:31 Read by HerNarrator
Useful Points in Judging People 7:08 Read by HerNarrator
The Future of Poison Gas 7:41 Read by mleigh
Progress in Science 5:22 Read by TotalEcho
The Firefly’s Light by William R. Ringle 5:59 Read by Grevicci
Wanted—Motives for Motherhood by Ethel Wadsworth Gartland 7:43 Read by Elijah Fisher
Vilhjalmur Stefansson by John G. Holme 3:34 Read by C Westini
Today by Arthur Brisbane 3:08 Read by Anthony Will
Can We Have a Beautiful Race? by Albert Edward Wiggam 8:06 Read by Chris Pyle
Advice from a President’s Physician by Rear Admiral Cary T. Grayson 7:41 Read by btomasetti
Research and Everyday Life by Warren Bishop 8:29 Read by btomasetti
A Peasant on a Painted Train by Bessie Beatty 8:55 Read by btomasetti
To Bore or Not To Bore by Ralph W. Bergengren 6:40 Read by Availle
Is The Stage Too Vulgar? 6:54 Read by Stunning
Hart of The World by Heyward Broun 2:25 Read by TotalEcho
Printing and Its Early Vicissitudes Georges Renard 8:25 Read by TotalEcho
Northward the Course of Empire by Vilhjalmur Stefanssonn 8:00 Read by TotalEcho
Advertising and Public Health 6:04 Read by BettyB
Don’t Growl—Kick by James R. Collins 5:50 Read by Larry Wilson


Content interesting considering it's from 100 years ago

(4 stars)