Read by Megan Kunkel

(4.7 stars; 18 reviews)

With seven children and a home to take care of, Margaret wondered how her Mother could be so happy living a life that seemed all drudgery. As Margaret has new experiences, she comes to realize that "her mother was not only the truest, the finest, the most generous woman she had ever known, but the happiest as well". (Summary by Megan Kunkel) (2 hr 47 min)


Chapter 1 24:31 Read by Megan Kunkel
Chapter 2 23:26 Read by Megan Kunkel
Chapter 3 28:12 Read by Megan Kunkel
Chapter 4 11:59 Read by Megan Kunkel
Chapter 5 12:52 Read by Megan Kunkel
Chapter 6 28:19 Read by Megan Kunkel
Chapter 7 38:39 Read by Megan Kunkel


Sweet Story

(5 stars)

I enjoyed this sweet story of an oldest daughter and her adventures and thoughts as she leaves home for what she thinks is a better life. The conclusion she comes to may be--in our day--an old fashioned one. Yet, those of us who have the blessing of a mother like hers recognize its truth and rarity. The reader is not as good as some, but I'm glad she recorded this story for us to enjoy.

Loved it!

(5 stars)

Wonderful touching story with a well done recording, especially considering it's read by a volunteer. :)

Lovely example to follow

(5 stars)

beautiful book, encouraging and inspiring