Buddhist Writings

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.2 stars; 138 reviews)

An anthology of Buddhist scriptures, appropriate as an introduction to its vast literature, or as a sampler for those who want to better understand Buddhism. The selections in this anthology are primarily from the Theravada school of Buddhism. (Summary by Leon Mire) (7 hr 38 min)


00 - Introductory Note 2:37 Read by Leon Mire
01 - Part I: The Buddha. The Story of Sumedha 30:02 Read by CalmDragon
02 - The Birth of the Buddha 21:45 Read by CalmDragon
03 - The Attainment of Buddhaship 33:02 Read by elifarley
04 - First Events After the Attainment 8:51 Read by Alan Davis Drake (1945-2010)
05 - The Buddha's Daily Habits 9:14 Read by Leon Mire
06 - The Death of the Buddha 38:40 Read by Shubda
07 - Part II: The Doctrine. Questions Which Tend Not to Edification 14:45 Read by ajmacbeth
08 - There Is No Ego 18:13 Read by ajmacbeth
09 - The Middle Doctrine 11:49 Read by ajmacbeth
10 - Karma 6:59 Read by Carl Manchester
11 - Fruitful and Barren Karma 17:53 Read by Carl Manchester
12 - Good and Bad Karma 4:57 Read by Carl Manchester
13 - Rebirth Is Not Transmigration 15:34 Read by Seth Lemons
14 - Death's Messengers 16:05 Read by Laurie Anne Walden
15 - The Devoted Wife 7:48 Read by Alan Davis Drake (1945-2010)
16 - The Hare-mark in the Moon 10:04 Read by ajmacbeth
17 - The Way of Purity 5:58 Read by pengwin321
18 - Concentration 2:40 Read by pengwin321
19 - The Conversion of Animals 2:18 Read by pengwin321
20 - Love for Animals 2:30 Read by Megami
21 - Sariputta and the Two Demons 5:22 Read by Bellona Times
22 - The Summum Bonum 41:58 Read by Måns Broo
23 - The Trance of Cessation 19:48 Read by Denny Sayers (d. 2015)
24 - The Attainment of Nirvana 4:22 Read by Varra Unreal
25 - Part III: The Order. The Admission and Ordination Ceremonies 19:48 Read by Stephen O'Donnell
26 - The Mendicant Ideal 8:07 Read by Ashwin Jain
27 - And Hate Not His Father and Mother 8:51 Read by Ashwin Jain
28 - The Story of Visakha, Part 1 29:51 Read by Raerity
29 - The Story of Visakha, Part 2 20:38 Read by Raerity
30 - The Story of Visakha, Part 3 18:29 Read by Raerity


Open Mind

(3.5 stars)

It feels so sad that this is how we repay those people who made this recording for free. If you want to improve the recordings, we are all free to make our own and upload it. Or atleast please make an opinion constructively having a pure intention for betterment of the output. Sadly, most of the people would just like to criticize and slashing off the motivations of the people who spent their time and efforts to make this. Please keep in mind that those who recorded these books are volunteers. Please do encourage them to do their best.

What really matters here?

(5 stars)

I have to wonder about the people throwing tantrums about the book's error reporting the Buddha's birth place and how their entire focus is on this "intolerable lie". I wonder what the Buddha would think about the listeners who have completely overlooked the message conveyed to instead harp on the fact that birthplace was incorrectly recorded. Frankly, I think the matter of the place of his birth is irrelevant. What does that have to do with the spirit of the message? Whether the Buddha was born in India, Nepal, Paris France or Hollywood USA, it's the message that matters. I think this nitpicking is a shameful display to the spirit of this body of work which seems to be wholly lost on such listeners and readers alike.

buddhist writings

(5 stars)

a very useful beginning guide! Planting the seeds of truth and mindfulness, so they may allow others to understand the basic fundamentals of Buddhism. anything which spreads the words and teachings of Buddha has got to be a worthy text, I hope you enjoy this book of wisdom and find your own truth in your suffering and growth. X

(4 stars)

I am not a a religious person in the least. I went to a Catholic school as a child and am still recovering from that. I find Christianity hypocritical and in reality frightening. As I also find the Muslim faith. I've always been curious about eastern Philosophies and faiths. This was a pleasant informative introduction to Buddhism.

(5 stars)

Librivox is not the author of these books. Librivox just offers books on audio. Any dispute to information contained in the books should be directed to the author, not the programers or readers.


(3 stars)

The speaker after the indroduction sounds sleepy. Makes me very sleepy although i just woke up. Ok for everyone who criticise Budha just stop, Budha was before christ and all your gods. He should be well respected because he does not change the world by seeking peace within the living but teaches inner peace or wisdom so we can make that choice of peace or hatred as we live.

perfect for night time

(4 stars)

I have enjoyed falling asleep to this fore the past two months. Fantastic way to wind down from the days worries!

Listen with a grain of salt

(5 stars)

The use of the word “trance” isn’t the best translation of jhana. I feel it gives a sense of lack of alertness, and that is certainly not the case. This is a fantastic book, well read by gracious volunteers, and it should simply be taken with a grain of salt. Translating is a difficult task, but perhaps some words would’ve been better left untranslated, as we don’t have a word worth substituting.