Bible (ASV) 22: Song of Solomon (version 2)

Read by Sam Stinson

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The Song of Songs (Hebrew title שיר השירים, Shir ha-Shirim), is a book of the Hebrew Bible—Tanakh or Old Testament—one of the five megillot (scrolls). It is also known as the Song of Solomon or as Canticles, the latter from the shortened and anglicized Vulgate title Canticum Canticorum, "Song of Songs" in Latin. It is known as Aisma in the Septuagint, which is short for Αισμα ᾀσμτων, Aisma aismatôn, "Song of Songs" in Greek.
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Chapters 1 to 4 9:59 Read by Sam Stinson
Chapters 5 to 8 10:10 Read by Sam Stinson


Good, but maybe a bit too sultry.

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