The Call of Cthulhu (version 2)

Read by Martin Reyto

(4.7 stars; 8 reviews)

“[The Call of Cthulhu] is a masterpiece, which I am sure will live as one of the highest achievements of literature. Mr. Lovecraft holds a unique position in the literary world; he has grasped, to all intents, the worlds outside our paltry ken.” — Robert E. Howard, creator of Conan.

This recording was originally published on and was later released on Librivox when US copyright permitted. - Summary by Martin Reyto (1 hr 32 min)


The Horror in Clay 22:06 Read by Martin Reyto
The Tale of Inspector Legrasse 37:46 Read by Martin Reyto
The Madness from the Sea 32:59 Read by Martin Reyto


Great story and wonderful reading

(4.5 stars)

Martin Reyto brought this story to life with his reading; it was eerie, almost like Martin was there, retelling his experiences.