Futility, Or the Wreck of the Titan

Read by Tom Weiss

(4.5 stars; 59 reviews)

This novel was published a full 14 years before the sinking of the Titanic, but listeners may be surprised at how many parallels this fictional tale has with subsequent true events.

The Titan is the largest and most technologically advanced steamship of her time. She is considered unsinkable. Her full speed crossings of the Northern Lane Route carry her rich passengers in the highest standards of luxury and comfort. The less well-off travel in rougher quarters but still benefit from the speed of travel. These crossings, however, are fraught with navigational hazards, the greatest of which is ice.

Unlike the ship, one member of her crew is not of the highest standard. At least, not anymore. John Rowland is a broken man who drinks to forget his past. However, when the Titan crashes into an iceberg during her attempt to break a speed record, he is forced to confront his past. Can he overcome his enemies and escape as the ship begins to sink? And can he make his way back to civilization and find self-respect once more? Adventure and soul-searching await Rowland, with a surprise ending. (2 hr 35 min)


01 - Chapter One 7:03 Read by Tom Weiss
02 - Chapter Two 9:25 Read by Tom Weiss
03 - Chapter Three 7:44 Read by Tom Weiss
04 - Chapter Four 9:58 Read by Tom Weiss
05 - Chapter Five 6:20 Read by Tom Weiss
06 - Chapter Six 16:47 Read by Tom Weiss
07 - Chapter Seven 10:58 Read by Tom Weiss
08 - Chapter Eight 9:27 Read by Tom Weiss
09 - Chapter Nine 11:15 Read by Tom Weiss
10- Chapter Ten 9:56 Read by Tom Weiss
11- Chapter Eleven 12:47 Read by Tom Weiss
12- Chapter Twelve 10:59 Read by Tom Weiss
13- Chapter Thirteen 10:52 Read by Tom Weiss
14- Chapter Fourteen 6:54 Read by Tom Weiss
15 - Chapter Fifteen 9:16 Read by Tom Weiss
16- Chapter Sixteen 3:24 Read by Tom Weiss


Free Audio Review

(5 stars)

This is an interesting novella. As the blurb says it's being written before the Titanic is quite quite remarkable, and that was what caught my attention. The story is very simple, there are not any sub plots here it's simple and straight forwards. As the blurb suggests, a fallen ships officer is thrown into dire staights with only his physical strength and sence of honour to defend against all manner of unexpected foes. The lead character has his faults but the simple writing weaves this nicely along a path where you quickly gain sympathy for his plight. As I was litening I found him endearing and his sense of honour appealed to the wanna-be-knight that is my soul! The end was a sweet surpise, I'd been guessing that it was going elsewhere and ended up with a feel good feeling. As you've guessed I really enjoyed this story and the reader helped that along. He's a loverly voice that fits perfectly with the story and his poise and pacing were excellent. I review a lot of free audio books, check out http://FreeAudioReview.BlogSpot.com

lord won't ya help me ...

(5 stars)

this seemingly (way back then) impossible disaster, a masterfully crafted scarathon created by Morgan Robertson, became the Titanic's dress rehearsal; being willfully ignorant, The Master Builders searching accolades, took the Titanic for a test drive onto the High Seas, thereby creating the ultimate testimony to stupidity and cruelty; fourteen years on, it's Titanic's public opening night; success! the Titanic played to a packed house, standing room only, on the biggest of Big Stages - the deadly frozen waters of the North Atlantic; this scribbler of prodigious prose, Morgan Robertson, scared the beejeezus out of his fans and readers (and listeners like me); Mr Robertson split the Titan in two, with rock-hard blades of frozen ocean dissecting the hull; the slice became a schism with some characters eliciting hatred while some others became worthy of each other; I cared about that; I started listening and never stopped; I went all the way in! (there's a baby in it too).

well read book with potential

(4 stars)

the book was well read. this is a pretty short story with very little detail. it has the potential to be SO much more. but what little story there is, is a good story. a drunken sailor with strick morals. a crooked captain and crew. a wreckless ownership company that allows steamers to mow over whatever is in its path. a broken love. lessons learned. and unjust punishment. the actual wreck happens in a split second and is breezed through. so the story could have so much more description and be so much better. but still worth the read. young ones won't like it. but i then men and women alike would enjoy the book.

Hmmm not sure about this one

(3 stars)

The narration of this story was really very good. The story itself just seemed odd to me. Perhaps it really needed to be longer to explore the characters more thoroughly. I did not listen to the alternative ending as the recording was poor and the narrator was not so great. A good short story purely for the historical aspect of it preceding the Titanic.

cute story

(4 stars)

the actual interest in the story is the Co-incidences with the sinking of the Titanic about 14 years after this was written. Nevertheless its a neat little story on its own.

A Warning of What is to Come

(5 stars)

The parallels to the Titanic are astonishing! Narration is superb as always from Mr. Weiss.


(5 stars)

Enjoyable short story with interesting alternate endings. Great narration as always from this reader. Thank you for reading for Librivox.

IsSa CoNsPiRaCy! #IlluminatiAlienLizardFlatEarthFreemasons

(4 stars)