Reminiscences of Forts Sumter and Moultrie in 1860-'61

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Now that the prejudices and bitter partisan feeling of the past are subsiding, it seems a fitting time to record the facts and incidents connected with the first conflict of the Rebellion. Of the eleven officers who took part in the events herein narrated, but four now survive. Before the hastening years shall have partially obliterated many circumstances from my memory, and while there is still an opportunity for conference and friendly criticism, I desire to make, from letters, memoranda, and documents in my possession, a statement which will embody my own recollections of the turbulent days of 1860 and 1861. (From the text) (3 hr 21 min)


01 - Fort Moultrie in 1860 20:16 Read by FNH
02 - Preparations for Defense 13:45 Read by FNH
03 - Preliminary Movements of the Secessionists 15:49 Read by FNH
04 - The Removal to Fort Sumter 15:31 Read by FNH
05 - The First Overt Act 15:58 Read by FNH
06 - Effect of Anderson's Movements 11:32 Read by FNH
07 - The 'Star of the West' 16:55 Read by FNH
08 - A Resort to Diplomacy 18:02 Read by FNH
09 - The Crisis at Hand 22:52 Read by FNH
10 - The Bombardment 19:09 Read by FNH
11 - The Evacuation 20:05 Read by FNH
12 - Appendix 11:20 Read by FNH


(5 stars)

Doubleday was an unsung hero of the Civil War. Apparently Howard disliked him but Howard’s own history is spotted. He gives a good account and the reader is excellent (as usual).