Patricia Brent, spinster

Read by Anna Simon

(4.7 stars; 395 reviews)

A romantic comedy, written in 1918, but with a modern feel to it. Patricia Brent one day overhears two fellow-boarders pitying her because she "never has a nice young man to take her out". In a thoughtless moment of anger she announces that the following night she will be dining out with her fiance. When she arrives at the restaurant the next day, she finds some of the fellow-boarders there to watch her, so, rendered reckless by the thought of the humiliation of being found out, she goes up to a young man sitting alone at a table, and asks him to help her by "playing up". Countless complications and adventures ensue... (Summary by Anna Simon) (6 hr 43 min)


Patricia’s Indiscretion 18:28 Read by Anna Simon
The Bonsor-Triggs’ Menage 18:32 Read by Anna Simon
The Adventure at the Quadrant Grill-room 21:38 Read by Anna Simon
The Madness of Lord Peter Bowen 18:54 Read by Anna Simon
Patricia’s Revenge 20:03 Read by Anna Simon
The Intervention of Aunt Adelaide 29:54 Read by Anna Simon
Lord Peter promises a Solution 14:24 Read by Anna Simon
Lord Peter’s S.O.S. 15:08 Read by Anna Simon
Lady Tanagra takes a Hand 17:31 Read by Anna Simon
Miss Brent’s Strategy 14:58 Read by Anna Simon
The Defection of Mr. Triggs 20:16 Read by Anna Simon
A Bombshell 25:30 Read by Anna Simon
A Tactical Blunder 11:06 Read by Anna Simon
Galvin House meets a Lord 19:40 Read by Anna Simon
Mr. Triggs takes Tea in Kensington Gardens 28:30 Read by Anna Simon
Patricia’s Inconstancy 24:02 Read by Anna Simon
Lady Peggy makes a Friend 17:04 Read by Anna Simon
The Air Raid 17:10 Read by Anna Simon
Galvin House after the Raid 15:19 Read by Anna Simon
A Race with Spinsterhood 20:14 Read by Anna Simon
The Greatest Indiscretion 15:26 Read by Anna Simon


Wonderful narration and story

(5 stars)

This is a very charming story. I really enjoyed it. Sometimes I would get a little frustrated at how stubborn Patricia was but that is all part of the fun. The narrator had the perfect accent for this. I really think she brought this story to life.

Surprisingly Absorbing

(4 stars)

I was surprised just how absorbing this book turned out to be, with credit not only to the author's obvious skill, but also in part to Anna Simon's wonderful reading.


(5 stars)

I was looking for something a little light to throw in between chapters of heavier books, and this was absolutely perfect. Like many others I had never heard of it other, but I just adored it. How wonderful. Patricia is equal parts frusterating and charming. The side characters are absolutely fantastic, and its hard not to get really involved in the story. The narration was absolutely perfect! Good timing, pace, beautiful voice!

Fabulous story, fabulous reader

(5 stars)

Didn't want it to end.... Very clever story with lots of great humorous moments. Patricia is annoying and inconsistent, just like real human beings are and this pulls the story along. Great stuff!

Thanks You Ms Simon and Librivox

(5 stars)

This is the type of literary work that gives me the serenity that is so difficult to find in today's world (as I'm sure it has always been so). Ms Simon, as always, read the work so well as to synergize the gift of the author and I don't believe I would have enjoyed it nearly as much just by reading it. I hope and believe that God will bless you (Ms Simon and all of the other volunteers at Librivox) who give freely the gift of their voices and the other efforts made by all Librivox volunteers. I would certainly recommend this book as enjoyable and entertaining as read by this reader who has done so much for all of us. God bless you!

(3 stars)

Earlier 20th century equivalent to a “beach read,” a standard fantasy of a plucky working class girl and rich boy love story. I found the female protagonist obtuse, selfish, and annoying, and the excessively perfect male protagonist’s one flaw was being a doormat to her. The narrator was good except for odd pronunciation of some words, the most repeated of which was her saying “bow,” the deferential incline of the body, as “bow,” the thing you put on a wrapped package. Still, it was an easy listen and good company for taking a walk.

The story is sweet ..

(4 stars)

..but the reader, whom I see everyone here adores, reads much too quickly for my hearing to comprehend. I just wish, that some of the Librivox readers, in general, would not try to speed through the books at an accelerated pace, as if they were in a race or something, but would read at a steady, moderate pace. that's all. no aspersion meant on this reader's skills. Just that she reads aloud too fast.


(5 stars)

very good romance story. well told with an excellent narrator. the story was some what outlandish. I cannot imagine a young woman being so stupid.