Probable Sons

Read by Laura Caldwell

(4.6 stars; 52 reviews)

Little Milly is left an orphan after the death of her mother and sent to live with her bachelor uncle, who has no use for children, especially of the female variety. As the days go by, his heart warms to his endearing niece who wants all probable sons to come home, including her very own probable uncle. (Summary by Laura Caldwell) (2 hr 9 min)


An Unwelcome Legacy 9:05 Read by Laura Caldwell
David and Goliath 11:05 Read by Laura Caldwell
The First Punishment 17:02 Read by Laura Caldwell
Mrs. Maxwell's Sorrow 12:24 Read by Laura Caldwell
A Prodigal 13:53 Read by Laura Caldwell
A Promise Kept 17:27 Read by Laura Caldwell
Cross - Examination 15:25 Read by Laura Caldwell
'He Arose and Came to His Father' 15:22 Read by Laura Caldwell
'A Little Child Shall Lead Them' 17:40 Read by Laura Caldwell



(3 stars)

This was a sweet story, very typical of its time, with an innocent charming orphan thawing the heart of her grouchy guardian. The theme of the prodigal son however gave it an evangelistic emphasis. The prodigal son is one of my favourite Bible stories, and I thought it was neatly incorporated into the book. Despite being a classic, this story is still readable for modern kids, especially those who enjoy historical or Christian fiction. The book was very ably read. Much appreciated.

Very nice book

(4.5 stars)

We really enjoyed listening to this book on a recent trip. I had previously read excerpts of the book in a Sunday school paper so it was enjoyable to hear the whole thing. The narration was good although there were a few mistakes in pronunciation that we noted, including the authors name.

Wonderful Book

(4 stars)

This is a fabulous book. Sweet, well written and a family favorite. The reader did a nice job. My family cheered and cried with joy when we finished this book.

Simply Sweet

(5 stars)

I really thought this was a sweet and adorable story. I loved the narration and you will fall in love with these characters.

This should be a movie

(5 stars)

delightful story. so so precious. one to read/ hear again.

Will listen again

(4.5 stars)

I adored this sweet Christian book and the message it contained.

sweet story

(4 stars)

lots of sweet childish ramblings but meaningful

Beautiful story and Reading

(5 stars)

Thanks to wonderful reader