John James Audubon

Read by Laura Caldwell

(4.8 stars; 11 reviews)

Audubon's life naturally divides itself into three periods: his youth, which was on the whole a gay and happy one, and which lasted till the time of his marriage at the age of twenty-eight; his business career which followed, lasting ten or more years, and consisting mainly in getting rid of the fortune his father had left him; and his career as an ornithologist which, though attended with great hardships and privations, brought him much happiness and, long before the end, substantial pecuniary rewards. (Summary from the Preface) (2 hr 33 min)


Preface and Chronology 8:45 Read by Laura Caldwell
Chapter I 23:02 Read by Laura Caldwell
Chapter II 16:35 Read by Laura Caldwell
Chapter III, Part 1 31:50 Read by Laura Caldwell
Chapter III, Part 2 49:51 Read by Laura Caldwell
Chapter IV 17:04 Read by Laura Caldwell
Chapter V 6:10 Read by Laura Caldwell


(5 stars)

Calm but enjoyable reader. Book has excellent info and is written fantastically, almost like a fairytale.

(5 stars)

This was beautiful and engagingly read. I knew some of Audubon before but will now look at his work with completely newly discovered love. One of the great men who also must’ve been of great character: full of kindness, appreciation and empathy. I will go and listen to it all over again now. Thank you so much for this beautiful generous reading!