Sadhana, the Realisation of Life

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(4.8 stars; 24 reviews)

Rabindranath Tagore was a Bengali poet, philosopher, visual artist, playwright, composer, and novelist whose work reshaped Bengali literature and music in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He became Asia’s first Nobel laureate when he won the 1913 Nobel Prize in Literature.

Sadhana is a collection of essays, most of which he gave before the Harvard University, describing Indian beliefs, philosophy and culture from different viewpoints, often making comparison with Western thought and culture.
(Summary by Peter Yearsley/Wikipedia) (4 hr 26 min)


Preface and Chapter 1: The Relation of the Individual to the Universe 38:06 Read by Peter Yearsley
Chapter 2: Soul Consciousness 36:50 Read by Peter Yearsley
Chapter 3: The Problem of Evil 33:11 Read by Robert Garrison
Chapter 4: The Problem of Self 38:34 Read by Robert Garrison
Chapter 5: Realisation In Love 42:28 Read by Chip
Chapter 6: Realisation In Action 30:37 Read by Chip
Chapter 7: The Realisation of Beauty 14:14 Read by Annie Coleman Rothenberg
Chapter 8: Realisation of The Infinite 32:02 Read by Chip


Life changing....

(5 stars)

The trouble with being an atheist for the past 40 years is that there's a tendency to imagine I have it all figured out. I imagine this because I think I'm so smart. The breadth material in this reading has left me laughing at myself, reducing me to a size so minuscule I clearly no longer exist. What a relief. There is no more productive way I know of to spend time than to listen repeatedly to this series of lectures. The reading is beautiful, and the content is spiritually humbling.

One of the most beautiful books I have ever experienced.

(5 stars)

immense in scope, sweet with no bitter after taste.

(5 stars)

(5 stars)

A wonderful book incredibly well read!