The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (version 3) (Dramatic Reading)

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.6 stars; 495 reviews)

The timeless story of the Wizard Of Oz. Follow Dorothy as she leaves Kansas for Oz on a cyclone. She meets many strange, and wonderful people and creatures along the way. Enjoy it again with your children and family. (Summary by J. Hall)


(4 hr 25 min)


Introduction 1:33 Read by Sibella Denton
Chapter 1- The Cyclone 7:15 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
Chapter 2- The Council with the Munchkins 13:13 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
Chapter 3- How Dorothy Saved the Scarecrow 11:22 Read by Henry Frigon
Chapter 4- The Road Through the Forest 8:48 Read by Henry Frigon
Chapter 5- The Rescue of the Tin Woodman 13:33 Read by Henry Frigon
Chapter 6- The Cowardly Lion 11:48 Read by Jenny Lundak
Chapter 7- The Journey to the Great Oz 11:18 Read by Jennifer Stearns
Chapter 8- The Deadly Poppy Field 12:10 Read by Niamh
Chapter 9- The Queen of the Field Mice 10:01 Read by Jenny Lundak
Chapter10- The Guardian of the Gates 11:59 Read by David Lawrence
Chapter 11- The Emerald City of Oz 25:45 Read by Mark F. Smith
Chapter 12- The Search for the Wicked Witch 22:57 Read by Kara Shallenberg (1969-2023)
Chapter 13- The Rescue 7:59 Read by Padraig O'hIceadha
Chapter 14- The Winged Monkeys 12:18 Read by Jenny Lundak
Chapter 15- The Discovery of Oz, the Terrible 20:20 Read by Annoying Twit
Chapter 16- The Magic Art of the Great Humbug 6:29 Read by Chris Jones
Chapter 17- How the Balloon Was Launched 7:27 Read by David Barnes
Chapter 18- Away to the South 8:13 Read by Ernst Pattynama
Chapter 19- Attacked by the Fighting Trees 6:50 Read by Jenny Lundak
Chapter 20- The Dainty China Country 8:52 Read by Anna Roberts
Chapter 21- The Lion Becomes the King of Beasts 6:44 Read by Sibella Denton
Chapter 22- The Country of the Quadlings 6:27 Read by Jenny Lundak
Chapter 23- Glinda the Good Witch Grants Dorothy's Wish 8:19 Read by Diane Dunn
Chapter 24- Home Again 1:17 Read by Diane Dunn
Credits 2:25 Read by Chris Moerz


The Wizard Of Oz

(5 stars)

Having read all the Oz books as a child, I was greatly looking forward to this audiobook, & I was not disappointed. All of the characterizations were spot on. It was great fun traveling down the yellow brick road in this reading, and I look forward to hearing more of the oz books which I hope continues to utilize the talents of these same people.

awesome book reading

(5 stars)

I'm a fan of librivox & I'm glad that I have explored it further on my phone. The book is lovely. The storyline is also very intriguing. I firstly didn't like the voice of lion, but only to find it the most enjoyable after continuous listening. The lions voice was little louder than others. But overall a wonderful performance by all the readers for a wonderful book. Dorothy voice "I love it".

lovely story well read

(5 stars)

great story. surprised a little by the small variations from the movie & book, but thats what kept it interesting. very well read! though the lion got to loud at times and wpuld startle me.


(5 stars)

I love the American voices. The first time I listened to a librivox reading of the wizard of hours it was just read out. I loved that but this one with the character voices is even better. Thanks volunteers.


(5 stars)

I love the book and the movie of the wizard of Oz;

perfect, wonderful, great, excellent and good

(5 stars)

i love this book so much I can never stop listening to it and i always fall asleep when i'm listening to it. also I love the name and the reading so much .its really interesting book but its just so good. i go to sleep in 2 minutes and then I get the phone and turn it off then i go straight to bed.

WOW WOW! this is such a gripping story.

(5 stars)

the narrations made it very vivid and alive. you could see it happening inside your head. recommend everyone to experience this. the voices were very lively and accurate

it is Much better than the movie!

(5 stars)

I have watched it a thousand times!!!Thanks for all the effort to this librivox recording!!!