The Pirates Own Book

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(4 stars; 21 reviews)

Authentic Narratives of the Most Celebrated Sea Robbers. (13 hr 20 min)


Preface, Introduction 10:07 Read by JDV
The Danish and Norman Pirates 18:23 Read by Barry Eads
Adventures and Exploits of Captain Avery 24:17 Read by Jane Greensmith
History Of The Joassamee Pirates 39:06 Read by kayo
Sketch Of The Joassamee Chief--Rahmah-Ben-Jabir 9:29 Read by Luigina
Life Of Lafitte, The Pirate Of The Gulf 41:32 Read by Kerry Hiles
The Life Of Captain Roberts 27:15 Read by Esther
The Life Of Charles Gibbs 40:21 Read by Barry Eads
History And Execution Of The Spanish Pirates 43:16 Read by Ernst Schnell
The Life Of Benito De Soto 42:01 Read by BenW
The Adventures Of Capt. Robert Kidd 36:29 Read by Brian von Dedenroth
Bloody Career And Execution Of Vincent Benavides 18:15 Read by Barry Eads
The Life Of Captain Davis 25:06 Read by Diogenes Dog
Authentic History Of The Malay Pirates 38:29 Read by Joelle Peebles
The Adventures Of Captain Condent 7:47 Read by Anna Roberts
The Life Of Capt. Edward Low 14:08 Read by Melanie Chernyk
Life And Adventures Of Capt. Edward England 31:24 Read by Morgan Saletta
Account Of The Lynn Pirates 6:29 Read by Laura Caldwell
History Of The Ladrone Pirates 58:42 Read by Diogenes Dog
The Life Of Captain Lewis 14:14 Read by Laura Caldwell
Life, Career And Death Of Capt. Thomas White. 29:08 Read by Logan McCamon
Life, Atrocities, And Bloody Death Of Black Beard 22:12 Read by Michelle Crandall
Exploits, Arrest, And Execution Of Capt. Charles Vane 15:53 Read by Laura Caldwell
The West India Pirates, Part 1 48:52 Read by Barry Eads
The West India Pirates, Part 2 47:35 Read by Barry Eads
Adventures And Execution Of Capt. John Rackam 7:52 Read by Sibella Denton
Life And Exploits Of Anne Bonney 3:48 Read by Michelle Crandall
Adventures And Heroism Of Mary Read 10:04 Read by Cori Samuel
History Of The Algerine Pirates 59:07 Read by LaraC, Louisville, KY
Adventures, Trial And Execution Of Captain Gow 6:09 Read by BenW
The Pirate's Song 2:12 Read by Kara Shallenberg (1969-2023)


Interesting and read well

(4 stars)

Many familiar stories for those interested in piracy.

(5 stars)

Very historically informative and a pleasure listening to