Marcia Schuyler

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(4.5 stars; 462 reviews)

A compelling love triangle. Marcia is young & sweet. Her older sister Kate is vain & selfish. Marcia deeply admires the man that Kate is to marry: handsome & respected David Spafford. But on the eve of the wedding, Kate elopes with another man. Marcia is there when the note is found...the note that effectively breaks David's heart. Out of pity for his situation, Marcia offers to take Kate's place, in order to save David from humiliation. She grows in love for him, all the while aware that he's still grieving for his lost Kate. What will happen when Kate returns, fully intending to get David back? Will Marcia have the strength to fight for the man she now loves? (Summary by Chloey Winters) (12 hr 4 min)


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awesome story, but robotic reading

(4 stars)

I love this story, read the book many times - but the reader's awkward and robotic inflection is reminiscent of my navigation system.

My Favorite GLH

(4.5 stars)

This wonderful novel seems pretty far fetched until you realize that MARCIA SCHUYLER is based on a true story. This is the journey of the first year of a young couple who married unexpectedly when the groom is left at the altar by the original intended bride.To save him from humiliation, her sister marries him instead. The book is read by an amateur volunteer who has a clearly understandable reading voice and used decent recording equipment. The acting style is a little bit stiff but that didn't bother me because I only need is to understand the words and my imagination does the rest. I appreciate her gift of time and work to make this book available for free.

A very nice story

(5 stars)

I enjoyed the book very much. A well-written story with somewhat predictable but nice plot and likable characters. Kate and Hannah are too mean and cardboard though. Anyway, I listened to the story with great pleasure, it is a good novel to relax. I agree that the reader's manner is a bit stiff, but every word was clear and she did her best.

So Cool!

(5 stars)

This is such a terrific story, told in such a admirable way. It utterly virbrates with charm, warmth and clarity. Written in 1908, it seems to be set 100 years before according to the historical steam engine locomotion references. Chapter 6 (?) lists books from a character's library that delighted me as suggestions from the author, two of which I've already read. The narrator's style is unique, clear, compliments the material, and grows on you. Sincere thanks!

(5 stars)

Captivating story. I enjoyed it very much. At least two of the characters displayed classic narcissistic traits and we can all learn a lesson in how to identify these heartless people and avoid them if possible or, minimise the damage they do to us. Therefore, worth careful study to avoid becoming prey to their selfish ruthlessness and evil.

(4 stars)

Really enjoyed this story. Sometimes characters are a bit dimwitted but only the author knows why she gave each character his personality. If you try to think about it, and put yourself in the character's place, it makes the story more enjoyable. I enjoy stories that stir emotion, and especially ones with a good ending.

don't listen to those ridiculous reviews!

(5 stars)

Yes the accent is mildly annoying but they must not have listened to many librivox books if it bugs them. I am an avid Listener (daily) and this book was incredible! 1 reader and a story that you get invested in and want to know the ending!

Grace Livingston Hill was so far ahead of her time

(5 stars)

Grace Livingston Hill books are simply a joy to listen to! I don't wish to criticize the narrator too much because she did a fine job, but her voice is an acquired taste. The story is definitely worth your time!