The Grey Woman

Read by Jane Greensmith

(4.3 stars; 810 reviews)

A "Bluebeard" story in which a young woman marries a man whom she discovers has killed his previous wives and is trying to kill her as well. (Summary by Jane Greensmith) (2 hr 12 min)


Portion 1 37:44 Read by Jane Greensmith
Portion 2 47:46 Read by Jane Greensmith
Portion 3 46:46 Read by Jane Greensmith


great reader & great book

(5 stars)

i wasn't going to read this one because it it SO short, but i am glad i did! the shortness of it does not take away from how detailed it was or how interesting. a thrilling tale of wondering what will happen next. PAY ATTENTION to names, or you may have to listen to it twice to know who HE ends up being.

(5 stars)

Mr mother recently had a serious stroke so concentrating on reading has been difficult for her she is on the mend now so I decided to download librivox and so I asked her what genre she wanted murder mystery was her reply so I went for something short to start with she loved the story and enjoyed the reader just like to thank all librivox readers for the great job they do

The Grey Woman

(4 stars)

I had to know how it would end right from the start.

Not a Grey Tale

(5 stars)

This story is beautifully written with just enough detail to allow your mind to paint a picture book of the suspensful tale. Sympathy and even fear may overtake you through the travels and circumstance of the grey woman. Each portion brings new excitement, even to the last few words.

Misleading Summary but all Else is Great!

(4 stars)

Gripping and frightening, this is a very good book. Just so you know, the summary is misleading. I thought this book was going to be about a serial killer husband but that is not the case! The narrator is perfect for this story.


(3.5 stars)

Enjoyed the content. Can think of more comforting stories to listen to after the lights are out. Would have preferred an English voice reading this book and for it to be read more slowly.

You can feel the terror.

(4 stars)

Wonderfully dark story. Good read. But for my own difficulty with the French names, I had to research the meaning/impact of last name bt that was okay. Maybe it hadn't been mentioned since early on and I forgot. still good.

Stunning in it's Terror!

(5 stars)

Absolutely riveting, in it's simple, direct march, towards an as yet unknown, though certain horror, awaiting these terrified Women. This is the BEST Short story I've ever listened to, bar none, read Expertly by JANE GREENSMITH.