East Lynne

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(3.8 stars; 34 reviews)

Ellen Wood (1814-1887) was an English novelist, better known as Mrs. Henry Wood. She wrote over 30 novels, many of which (especially East Lynne which was a Victorian best seller and is still sometimes performed as a drama) enjoyed remarkable popularity.

Lady Isabel Carlyle, a beautiful and refined young woman, leaves her hard-working but neglectful lawyer-husband and her infant children to elope with an aristocratic suitor. After he deserts her, and she bears their illegitimate child, Lady Isabel disguises herself and takes the position of governess in the household of her husband and his new wife".
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01 - Ch. 01: The Lady Isabel 19:07 Read by Sibella Denton
02 - Ch. 02: The Broken Cross 19:26 Read by Rhonda Federman
03 - Ch. 03: Barbara Hare 25:40 Read by Lorelle Anderson
04 - Ch. 04: The Moonlight Interview 11:58 Read by Laurie Anne Walden
05 - Ch. 05: Mr. Carlyle's Office 17:25 Read by lavocedorata
06 - Ch. 06: Richard Hare, the Younger 24:32 Read by MaryModern
07 - Ch. 07: Miss Carlyle at Home 6:44 Read by Sibella Denton
08 - Ch. 08: Mr. Kane's Concert 16:25 Read by Landii
09 - Ch. 09: The Song and the Dirge 16:57 Read by Landii
10 - Ch. 10: The Keepers of the Dead 25:55 Read by Landii
11 - Ch. 11: The New Peer - The Banknote 20:51 Read by Landii
12 - Ch. 12: Life at Castle Marling 21:38 Read by Landii
13 - Ch. 13: A Moonlight Walk 6:48 Read by Sibella Denton
14 - Ch. 14: The Earl's Astonishment 10:52 Read by Anna Roberts
15 - Ch. 15: Coming Home 11:28 Read by Anna Roberts
16 - Ch. 16: Domestic Troubles 8:09 Read by Sibella Denton
17 - Ch. 17: Visit of the Hare Family 26:26 Read by John Fricker
18 - Ch. 18: Miss Carlyle - Isabella Unhappy 33:03 Read by John Fricker
19 - Ch. 19:Captain Thorn at West Lynne 22:54 Read by Chris Caron
20 - Ch. 20: Going from Home 31:06 Read by Brendan Stallard
21 - Ch. 21: Quitting the Danger 34:08 Read by Brendan Stallard
22 - Ch. 22: Mrs. Hare's Dream, pt 1 14:40 Read by Magdalena
23 - Ch. 22: Mrs. Hare's Dream, pt 2 16:52 Read by Magdalena
24 - Ch. 23 - Captain Thorn in Trouble about 'A Bill', pt 1 19:19 Read by Magdalena
25 - Ch. 23 - Captain Thorn in Trouble about 'A Bill', pt 2 17:40 Read by Magdalena
26 - Ch. 24: - Richard Hare at Mr. Dill's Window, pt 1 26:59 Read by Anna Simon
27 - Ch. 24: - Richard Hare at Mr. Dill's Window, pt 2 25:05 Read by Anna Simon
28 - Ch. 25: Charming Results, pt 1 16:15 Read by Linda McDaniel
29 - Ch. 25: Charming Results, pt 2 15:33 Read by Linda McDaniel
30 - Ch. 26: Alone for Evermore 17:50 Read by Christine Blachford
31 - Ch. 27: Barbara's Misdoings, pt 1 21:02 Read by Lucy Burgoyne (1950 - 2014)
32 - Ch. 27: Barbara's Misdoings, pt 2 22:43 Read by Lucy Burgoyne (1950 - 2014)
33 - Ch. 28: An Unexpected Visitor at East Lynne 16:49 Read by Linda McDaniel
34 - Ch. 29: A Night Invasion of East Lynne, pt 1 20:04 Read by Gesine
35 - Ch. 29: A Night Invasion of East Lynne, pt 2 21:42 Read by Gesine
36 - Ch. 30: Barbara's Heart at Rest, pt 1 20:50 Read by Anna Simon
37 - Ch. 30: Barbara's Heart at Rest, pt 2 24:42 Read by Anna Simon
38 - Ch. 31: Mr. Dill in an Embroidered Shirt Front 32:54 Read by Brendan Stallard
39 - Ch. 32: Meeting of Lady Isabel and Afy, pt 1 32:40 Read by Brendan Stallard
40 - Ch. 32: Meeting of Lady Isabel and Afy, pt 2 32:30 Read by Brendan Stallard
41 - Ch. 33: The Yearning of a Breaking Heart 32:32 Read by SallyMc
42 - Ch. 34: An M. P. for West Lynne, pt 1 24:00 Read by SallyMc
43 - Ch. 34: An M. P. for West Lynne, pt 2 32:10 Read by SallyMc
44 - Ch. 35: A Mishap to the Blue Spectacles, pt 1 16:39 Read by Linda McDaniel
45 - Ch. 35: A Mishap to the Blue Spectacles, pt 2 16:01 Read by lavocedorata
46 - Ch. 36: Appearance of a Russian Bear at East Lynne, pt 1 26:39 Read by MaryAnn
47 - Ch. 36: Appearance of a Russian Bear at East Lynne, pt 2 29:43 Read by MaryAnn
48 - Ch. 37: Mrs. Carlyle Invited to some Pate de Foie Gras 30:37 Read by Chris Caron
49 - Ch. 38: The World Turned Upside Down 26:27 Read by Caroline Driggs
50 - Ch. 39: Mrs. Carlyle in Full Dress, Afy Also 29:39 Read by Chris Caron
51 - Ch. 40: The Justice-Room, pt 1 18:38 Read by Lucy Burgoyne (1950 - 2014)
52 - Ch. 40: The Justice-Room, pt 2 22:24 Read by Lucy Burgoyne (1950 - 2014)
53 - Ch. 41: The Firm 28:29 Read by Chris Caron
54 - Ch. 42: The Trial 26:16 Read by Chris Caron
55 - Ch. 43 - The Death Chamber, pt 1 13:15 Read by Linda McDaniel
56 - Ch. 43 - The Death Chamber, pt 2 18:43 Read by Linda McDaniel
57 - Ch. 44: - Lord Vane Dating Forward 26:50 Read by Chris Caron
58 - Ch. 45: It won't do, Afy! 22:33 Read by Sandra G
59 - Ch. 46: Until Eternity 25:00 Read by Chris Caron
60 - Ch. 47: I. M. V. 13:56 Read by Sibella Denton


Pleasant but Longwinded Story; Reader from hell

(2 stars)

Librivox has a defensive no-criticism policy which doesn’t make sense if it interferes with the telling of the story. Somebody needs to tap Mr Chris Caron on the shoulder and point out his vast number of pronunciation errors. I’m sure he is encouraged to take on assignments because he has a pleasant reading voice...but doesn’t he deserve to be told that his gross mispronunciations are turning (chasing) potential Librivox listeners away? Why does Librivox not have quality control? I would be glad to help in proofreading but they don’t want it.

(4 stars)

I agree with some of the reviews about some of the readers being inconsistent but overall they are good. My first book by the writer and again we get a glimpse of life for the upper classes in the 19th century. A murder, jealousy, estates changing hands due to debts and the trials faced by women when their fathers die and money has been lost. Not as good as Mary Elizabeth Braddon but nevertheless a good listen. Nice easy listen and not too enthralling but I wanted to know what happened to Isabel at the end,The full movie is on YouTube with Martin Shaw so I’ll watch that now to see how true it is to the story

(3 stars)

I really enjoyed the author and book. However there were several readers who really distorted the content. In chapters 19 the reader had a party in the background with loud rock music cutting in. In chapter 46 the reader (I believe the same as in chapter 19) yawned as he was reading at a very pivotal spot in the plot. I had problems with several older female readers who totally bored me to tears. With that said I really enjoyed some of the other readers. As I said the story itself was enjoyable and would get top billing if not for these other few readers

great book, could be read better

(3 stars)

I really enjoyed this great example of the sensation novel. The story was interesting and absorbing. The reason I gave it 3 stars only was due to the poor quality of a couple of the readers. One or two of them mispronounced so many words, stumbled over words, read sentences incorrectly as regards punctuation, and there was even yawning and some background noise! It really took from my enjoyment of those chapters. There was an excellent female reader towards the end- it's a pity she didn't read all of it! I would recommend this book!

entertaining old book

(4 stars)

This book is one of my favorite old dramas. I always appreciate the time and efforts of the librivox volunteers, hiowever, there are times when a book is read by a variety of readers that the subject matter (a sad drama/romance) is not exactly matched with the voices. This book would perhaps benefit from a second version done by a single reader with an expressive voice and perhaps a British accent per the setting. I still enjoyed it and appreciate the volunteers involved!

(4.5 stars)

Do you secretly wish that you could know what "Days of our Lives" would sound like if it had been written in the 1800s? Then this is the story for you! Readers are excellent, though for real, Mr. Cameron, you are from Ham Lake, that's not an accent that is causing you to mispronounce all those words. X-x

(3 stars)

The book itself is fun and interesting but the chapters read by Chris Caron ought to be recorded over. He mispronounces so many words that it diminishes the value of the recording. Librivox is right to welcome amateur readers, but this is going too far.

(3 stars)

I really enjoyed the book itself, but some of the readers are quite difficult to follow. Many mispronounced words, halting in the middle of a sentence, and even yawning while reading. I give the book a 5, but about half of the reading a 3.