When Knights Were Bold

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This book is in no degree an attempt to relate the involved and intricate history of the Middle Ages. Its plan is, rather, to present pictures of the manner of life and habits of thought of the people who lived between the eighth and fifteenth centuries. Our writings and our everyday conversation are full of their phrases and of allusions to their ideas. Many of our thoughts and feelings and instincts, of our very follies and superstitions, have descended to us from them. To become better acquainted with them is to explain ourselves. (Summary from the Preface of When Knights Were Bold.) (6 hr 38 min)


Preface 1:37 Read by Laura Caldwell
Page, Squire, and Knight 20:09 Read by Glenn Simonsen
The Knight's Arms and Armor 13:01 Read by Evan Barnes
Jousts and Tournaments 24:14 Read by Justin Brett
How to Capture a Castle 22:13 Read by J. M. Smallheer
Daily Life in a Castle 23:54 Read by Anna Roberts
Life on a Manor 21:37 Read by Sarah Jennings
Pilgrimages and Crusades 29:36 Read by Laura Caldwell
Military Orders, Monks, and Monasteries 30:36 Read by Marian Martin
Hermits, Friars, and Missionaries 28:32 Read by Anna Roberts
Life in Town 24:51 Read by Sibella Denton
Merchant Gilds and Craft Gilds 16:31 Read by Laura Caldwell
How Goods Were Sold 32:58 Read by WilliamToronto
Schools and Literature 44:31 Read by Laura Caldwell
Science and Medicine 27:47 Read by J. M. Smallheer
Architecture and the Arts 36:50 Read by Kristine Bekere


Good and interesting

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Good narrations and interesting content. Recommendable.