The Creature from Beyond Infinity

Read by Mark Nelson

(4.5 stars; 562 reviews)

A lone space traveler arrives on Earth seeking a new planet to colonize, his own world dead. At the same time a mysterious plague has infected Earth that will wipe out all life. Can a lone scientist stop the plague and save the world? Or will the alien find himself on another doomed planet? (Summary by Mark Nelson) (5 hr 31 min)


Chapters 1-3 53:25 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapters 4-6 41:23 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapters 7-9 42:42 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapters 10-12 1:01:21 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapters 13-15 45:50 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapters 16-18 50:37 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapters 19-20 35:50 Read by Mark Nelson


(4.5 stars)

A very good SciFi story. Nicely read by a good clear voice. As my native language is Dutch, for me a clear voice is much easier to follow. I enjoyed the story so much that it took me only to listening periods to finish it. Thanks and please keep on writing.

(5 stars)

The story kept my interest and Mark Nelson made it even better. He brought the story to life.

veri good

(4 stars)

Book 8 out of 10 And mark did a good job as always 9out of 10

(5 stars)

This is one of the very best books I have ever heard on LibriVox. Beautifully written, beautifully read by Mark Nelson. What a terrific story. Definitely recommend it.

(3 stars)

story a bit non linear, but ties together on the end. reader was great.

Psychotronic Para-Energetics or Man on the Moon?

(4 stars)

This audiobook was given to me in a lucid dream. Listened to the first chapter, fell asleep awoke & my account was locked. For me, it is fun thinking... having multiple accounts it should be easy to find. Seriously I couldn't remember the title, spent 20 hours searching everywhere googling phrases from the book. It was nowhere... like it never even existed, just a dream. Meanwhile, I've contacted admin around finding a resolution next day I was told they thought I was a computer... "haha we were worried". (yeah me too now) Your account is unlocked. Picturing it in my minds eye, I was almost there and here it isn't... Nooo, the account now had only 1 file in it by LT COL T. BEARDEN albeit a great paper introducing the Fourth Law of Logic. I think I'll listen to it again... maybe take some notes, see if any leads are revealed. Threw this together around Christmas these are real life funded Sci-Fi projects and symposiums.

Eugenics by Aliens!

(5 stars)

I liked this book, but not for the reasons you would think. It's kinda a conspiracy theorists playground-it has a lot of eugenics mentality interwoven into the book and the reference to "the Grand Architect" at the first of the book hints that the author may have masonic inspiration. To really appreciate this book, you should read up on your conspiracy theories, especially ones involving aliens modifying the human race to save their own butts, also geo-engineering, nazi eugenics, T.T. Brown and electrogravitics, Nikola Tesla, HAARP, chemtrails/barium....just for starters, whew.... I can't believe this book is as old as it is....creepy... Have a look around these sites- Enjoy!

(4 stars)

I listened to the story and have to agree that it's two time lines and characters are interesting and keep you wondering what's next. Hats off to anybody that can write an original science fiction book. The narrator Mark Nelson is the real reason I listened to this book. It was narrated clearly and yet with emotion. By far one of the best Librovox narrators. Try "the city at worlds end" next. Same narrator but in my opinion a slightly better science fiction book in its narrative.